Picture this: you are the owner of an emerging business in your locale. Let’s say you’ve just opened a new bakery in your neighborhood, you’re the proprietor of a local salon, or you own a pet shop in your block.

Typically, these kinds of small businesses get advertising by word-of-mouth or traditional paper-based advertising like leaflets or posters. These days, however, even small and medium enterprises like the ones mentioned are getting connected to the web. Everyone knows it’s a surefire way to get recognized and attract more clients.

Of course, going online isn’t as simple as just slapping up a business website, getting it operational, and hoping for the best.

It takes a lot of effort to make sure that the website is not only well-made, but also well-maintained. This means that it’s regularly updated and fully functional to provide excellent user experience. Many business websites have failed simply because the owners never took the effort to keep them up-to-date. It would be quite the problem if your own business website doesn’t get its regular website maintenance because it wouldn’t be able to benefit from a host of benefits.


In Tune with the Aesthetics

Making sure your business website is up-to-date on the latest user interface trends

For the average online user, how a website looks can spell the difference between an extended stay and a quick close of the browser tab or window.

These days, how a page appears is just as vital to a business portal’s chances of attracting more visitors as any other aspect of the page. Unless your intention is to give your users a touch of nostalgia with how your homepage looks, it would do you no good to keep your site’s appearance like something straight out of 1995.

Updating your website regularly allows you to stay in-tune with the latest trends in website UI and aesthetic factors.

You can gauge what items most website visitors look for when logging on and the features that turn off potential repeat visitors. You can also determine new visual factors you can use to make your page livelier and more interactive.

First impressions count. So make sure that you always keep your site looking at its best.


Always Something New to Talk About

Quality website content can get you a lot of leads and clients

It has been said before, but it definitely needs repeating: quality content delivers results and visitors to your business’s website.

Content is a vital part of any marketing strategy; if you have something new to say to the right people, they will hear you out. Sure, it can be difficult to use quality content for marketing, but with patience and the right formula, you are sure to gain positive results in the long run.

Of course, the ‘right formula’ doesn’t just involve posting new pictures of your latest offerings or the previous events that your business has held.

If you are going to keep your website current with your existing and future customers, it has to have fresh and up-to-date content. You don’t just post a picture of your newest cupcakes and pastries; it needs to have a witty caption or a heartwarming message that fits with the season.

Regularly-updated on-page content will help your website stay visible and attract more visitors.


By the Numbers

Keeping track of your website's analytics is a must so that you know what areas you need to improve on

So, you’ve set up your page with the latest UI features and you even have an interactive video background to go along with it. You’ve also managed to convince yourself to write about the kind of stuff you work on, or you at least found a great writer who will transform all your thoughts into writing for you. You’ve even come up with a schedule for when you put in new images, videos and posts relating to your business.

Now you can start posting and all the consumers will surely come flocking to your page and your physical business location, right? – Wrong!

Sure, you’ve managed to create a rocking business page. You even try to stick to a regular schedule when updating it. But that doesn’t automatically convert to anything right away.

All the effort you’ve put into getting your website in order will go to waste if you don’t understand how to run the numbers related to it. And by numbers, I’m pertaining to page views, unique visitors and average time on-site.

Regularly keeping tabs of these figures allows you to gauge the performance of your page and how it compares to similar pages in your immediate location; it can even give you a snapshot of which pages may need improvement.

While rudimentary knowledge of how analytics work is enough to get you started, it is often best to hand the regular analytics overview to the experts who can break down the specifics for you. This can help you make more informed decisions about your business website.


Immediate Troubleshooting

The advantages of having a team that can immediately troubleshoot glitches and errors in your business website

Oh no! The contact form you placed in your page so that users can order your pastries online doesn’t work!

The pages advertising your new collar offerings in your pet store are missing some pictures!

Some of your pages on your salon website can’t be accessed or are redirected to a different page altogether!

And the worst part of it all? It’s been a problem for your site for a few weeks now. Because of this your site visits and sales conversions have slumped as well! Oh, if only you had checked in regularly with your page, things wouldn’t have been this drastic.

This is probably one of the key benefits of being able to regularly check in on the well-being of your business page. When you peek into your page’s backend and you find something out of touch or non-responsive, you can immediately get a hand of things and do some damage control before it all goes out of hand.

Prompt troubleshooting and problem plugging is vital to ensure that your business site retains its constant visitor traffic. A site that suffers from crashes, bouncing e-mails or failing features and add-ons can suffer a serious reduction in visits. This can also drastically reduce the amount of potential clients.

Always be on the lookout for any signs of a crash or a non-working feature. This can help you avoid complaints and warnings.

Keeping tabs of your business website can be time-consuming if you plan to do all the updating on your own. However, all the effort will be worth it once you get to raise your sales; that’s when you know you’ve been doing your update work right. Just remember, proactive maintenance is the key to keeping you visible in your chosen market! Learn more on how to rope more clients with your digital marketing strategies in the Philippines by contacting us!