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Congratulations! You’re on the right page! Thanks for your interest in our SEO services in the Philippines!

You may have already tried digital marketing here in the Philippines or elsewhere in the world, but it didn’t work. Or you may have seen your competitor doing better and you want more from Google.

Or you simply had done some keyword research and saw that you want your slice of the Google results pie for your market.

Well, allow us to help you make your decision by showing what we do and how they’re different from others.

SEO services in the Philippines is unfortunately still practiced as a numbers game. Sometimes it’s a quantitative activity instead of a qualitative one.

But fret not. We keep quality in mind, any time of the day.

Quality SEO outsourcing should:

  1. Show positive feedback from your customers
  2. Earn the satisfaction of our clients (i.e. You)
  3. Be enjoyed during the process of doing it (i.e. Us)

How we do quality SEO

  1. We focus on your customers all the time when making SEO decisions.
  2. We follow the guidelines of Google 100% of the time.
  3. We focus on business relationships between us, our clients, and their customers.

How we deliver quality SEO

  1. We understand the need for your business to be visible in Google.
  2. We focus on things that will work for your business model.
  3. We never spread ourselves thin.
  4. We always look for the “devils in the details.”

As an SEO outsourcing company here in the Philippines, we’ve worked with plenty of local and international clients. And, yes, fortunately Google isn’t as saturated in the Philippines as it is in the US currently.

But don’t worry, US viewers! We still get steady results on over-saturated and noisy Google keywords in the industries of real estate, lawyer services, and car insurance, among others, even in cities like Las Vegas! Our portfolio of clients can attest to that.

So, we know what we’re doing and we know we’re doing it right. That’s why we still have the same clients that we had from 10 years ago. We hope that you become one of ours, too, and take advantage not just of our SEO services, but our web design options for the Philippine market, as well.

Let’s take a peek into the SEO service process.

It always starts with the site audit.

This is a manual audit, not a little trepid automated audit that any SEO company can do with a click of a button. No, siree. We do things the right way from the start.

Well, over the years as an SEO company in the Philippines, we’ve made an internal manual audit report that we send only to really interested parties.

It’s an SEO audit but guess what it shows you? Everything!

You see, it’s not a just report on SEO, but it also includes the following:

Keyword Genre

We send the list of keywords that work for our clients and the list of keywords that their competitors already have. We also send our recommendations for site-architecture and/or sitemap.

Content Research and Recommendations

After the keywords and landing pages are done, we proceed immediately to the content that will do well for your market and genre using and We then throw in the information on why we know why your competitor’s site is doing well in terms of search and content satisfaction.

UX/UI Analysis

We then do something that most people hate to do for free: compare the sites in the market and genre and show them what features are working for them and what features aren’t working for them. We also look at call-to-action buttons and how their forms/portals work, and more.

Social and Referral Traffic

We also look into the social media accounts and other important links and search for areas of improvement in increasing referral traffic. This includes all PPC and paid advertising.

Content Marketing

We then look at making a competitive marketing strategy to gradually build more traffic from other non-competitive websites. After we make this report, we’ll send our recommendations and as our client, you can choose what you want to be executed, depending on what fits your marketing budget per month.
How does SEO help grow a serious business Philippines

How does SEO help grow a serious business (small or large)?

SEO (search engine optimization) is still the most popular and embraced digital marketing activity worldwide. In SEO, websites can rank and appear on the top of the search engine results for a certain query or search using targeted keywords.

  • • Increases Communication and Reach to Old/New Clients

    A website is the most informative business tool that a business can have. Compared to other types of communication, websites are dynamic, mobile device compatible and their content can be easily changed without having to redo everything all over again.

    Displaying products/services, business reputation, company achievements and business values does not only boost the company’s visibility for desired sales but it also makes to company appear more professional and trustworthy.

  • • To Adapt and Find New Markets

    Older, more established larger businesses do not use SEO to simply adapt to the new “Search” environment and use them largely for reputation management i.e. to make sure that when people search for their brand, that the pages shown are reputable and do not have negativity in them.

    They also use SEO to market their brand in search engines for generic search terms. Example: Bridgestone Tires will want to rank for search terms that are branded i.e. “Bridgestone” but they may also want to rank for search terms like “reliable tire for pickups” which is a non-branded, generic search term.

    Smaller businesses however, remain to be the most aggressive sector of the SEO landscape. They target more generic, non-branded keywords as that can drive more quality traffic to their website. They have to be aggressive as a lot of smaller and medium sized enterprises also want to rank for these same keywords or search terms. This allows them to be discovered quickly by their potential customers.

Why is SEO Outsourced?

Why is SEO Outsourced? Philippines

A company or business can choose to do SEO themselves i.e. in-house. However, more than a few businesses are aware that there is just too much technical skills needed to run and maintain SEO. This is why they outsource SEO from a credible SEO service provider.

Since Search Engines themselves are moving targets, it is taken into consideration that the technology industry will always change, it is best to leave this in the hands of those who live and breathe SEO daily.

In the case of The United States of America, The United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, there are three types of SEO Outsourcing that generally happens..

  • • LOCALLY (within a city or town),

  • • NATIONALLY (within the country US/UK/AUSTRALIA) or

  • • OFFSHORING (to English speaking countries like The Philippines)

Here are some pros and cons of each type of outsourcing:

  • • LOCALLY (within a city or town),

    While outsourcing SEO locally may sounds ideal or practical, it poses a certain threat.

    The threat here is that deciding this way without discovering other ways to outsource means that the decision is made very irrationally because SEO is almost 100% a digital job that can be done remotely i.e. anywhere in the world.

    Why hire the towns best who competes with only the towns-people, when you can hire someone who is known to win in an international competition level at the same price?

    This popular question has always been put forth in favor of Local SEO Providers by SEO seekers.

    Customer to Non-local SEO company: “But you do not know the local scene here, so how can you do SEO for me?”

    Non-local SEO company: “We will be competing digitally, I have all the keywords we need you to rank for, I don’t need to be there physically at your store or business, we need to be in front of my computer and internet – not at your business…. being there physically does not guarantee anything in SEO at all.”

  • • NATIONALLY (within the country US/UK/CANADA/AUSTRALIA)

    Searching NATIONALLY for an SEO provider is the next best choice. There wouldn’t be any language or Cultural barriers as compared to Offshoring, would there?

    If you have the money to spend, outsourcing to a National SEO company is advisable. However, a wise business owner knows that the SEO landscape always changes. Resources will need to be saved for technological changes and shifts for the evolving days to come.

    Saving expenses month in and out is a sure form of business security. Why spend 200% more on SEO monthly when you can get the same results by Offshoring your SEO?

  • • OFFSHORING (to English speaking countries like The Philippines)

    The reason why Outsourcing SEO to English Speaking nations like The Philippines is popular is that the budget that they allocate for SEO has more ROI. While the cost of SEO is drastically cheaper, anyone who has ever done SEO understands that money is not the most important factor, it is purely results.

    If the same results can be acquired through less spending, then it makes pure business sense.

    To understand more about SEO Outsourcing, English Language and Cultural Barriers, Go to RedKite Language, Content and Links.

The Outsourcing Dilemma (Cultural and Language incompatibility Myths)

The Outsourcing Dilemma

“To outsource or not to outsource?” that is the common question in the minds of most business owners and executives. It is a very logical and necessary question to address.

On one hand, you get ranks, expertise, save money and you really get good business done. However on the other hand lies doubts, especially if you want to outsource SEO offshore.

These doubts can be classified into:

  • Language Concerns for Content and Link Building
  • Cultural Barriers which may hinder effective communication and then there is obviously a certain initial distrust in the air on the reputation of the provider

So, how can anyone truly know how they can be guaranteed a safe passage in the world of SEO outsourcing? The answer is that there are no guarantees, but there are other ways to know if you can work with someone. Try addressing these concerns prior to hiring someone outside of your country.

  • How many International Clients do they cater to?
  • How many of them have been long term clients?
  • What have they achieved for these clients?
  • Can they give reference numbers for a background check?
  • Do they have any bad reputation online?
  • How do you think they communicate their SEO content and links? Can they supply samples of their most recent work done?
  • Do they have 24/7 support for your business hours?
  • How attentive are they to your needs?
  • How creative are they in their work?
  • How do they brand themselves?

And the most important one of all is:

Are they willing to take on your campaign for an initial short term?

Try to convince them to try only 1-2 months of SEO and if you like the results, then you can try going for a 1-year contract.

Obviously 1-2 months is too short for any SEO campaign. You should observe their Content Creativity, Site Analysis Skills, Communication Skills, Reporting techniques and Link Building Strategies. This is all that’s needed to be working with a successful SEO Outsourcing Company.

Outsourcing SEO to the Philippines

Outsourcing SEO to the Philippines

The Philippines is an excellent choice for outsourcing. For years, the country has thrived in outsourcing and takes the industry seriously.

Outsourcing SEO to the Philippines seems to be a trend that the English speaking world has been embracing for the last few years and for the years to come. Here are a few reasons why Filipinos have an obvious upper hand and advantage in performing SEO duties:

• English Language

Most of the people in The Philippines already speak in English since early childhood. They are exposed to Western entertainment in their daily lives, from movies, music, television and the radio. In the main cities, English is noted to be the language of businessmen even amongst Philippine Businessmen themselves.

• Communication

Filipinos are communicative. They voice out their unbiased opinion when asked. They love to communicate what they like, what they don’t and what they think should be done. While being communicative, they are still very cordial and tactful in their approach so as not to sound rude or overbearing.

• Culture

Any difference in culture is embraced quickly in the Philippines. Filipinos are known to be very respectful of other people’s cultures and ways of life. They are prompt in learning and embracing languages and cultures. This is why the Call Center industry has been booming in the Philippines since the late 1990s. There are no typical accent or pronunciation hindrances in the way that Filipinos write and speak English and so they tend to have a very neutral tone or voice.

What this means when it comes to Outsourcing SEO to the Philippines is that there is a very short and minimal learning time curve required to launch any SEO campaign from the Philippines since they are already armed with the knowledge and background of what is already happening in the US, UK, CANADA or AUSTRALIA.

They know what to say, how to say it and they already understand the western culture enough to deliver their communication through writing or speaking professionally.

RedKite Language, Content and Links for SEO

RedKite Language, Content and Links for SEO

In SEO, it is important that everyone knows the value of content and copywriting. At Redkite, we prioritize content to be the basis of SEO because information is the champion of the search engines, especially Google and quality writing always brings better results.

• The Language

No matter where your target customers may be, whether they are in the United States, The United Kingdom, Canada or Australia, we know what type of content we should be writing and what kind of “local” writing your target audience is used to reading and searching. We get “localized” content done for your target market through precise techniques which involves customizing the writers and link builders system to have software that has Spelling & Grammar tools per location starting from Word Documents to Chrome Plugins that constantly check for the right usage of the language in these different areas.

• The Content

We are aware of how Americans, British, Canadians and Australians prefer to receive their communication. Our copywriters and link builders understand why writing to the normal standard is important and before any SEO campaign begins, there are training sessions for the content writers and link builders.
They are also given enough time to research on the competition and see what is trending in different industries on each location.
All RedKite content goes through an internal proofreading process and the content is only posted after being reviewed and approved by the client.

• The Links

Our Link building strategy is unique because we only target specific niche websites that are highly relevant to the SEO Campaign.
Our Linking strategy involves Link Auditing, Removal of unwanted links and ongoing link placement strategy that involves the following:

  • • Professional Unique Copy on each and every link

  • • On-page Copywriting for page optimisation

  • • Complete Company Portfolios written uniquely per profile

  • • Link only to Similar Category websites

  • • Social Media Citation Building

Lastly, our Link Building protocol demands that we have a Pre-strategized 1-2 month Link proposal per client that is audited by our SEO Department Heads and then only do the links get approval for placement. We treat each link as much as we treat a business referral opportunity.

RedKite SEO process (strategies and reports)

RedKite SEO process Philippines

Our SEO is:

  • Custom-Tailored

    All the SEO services that will be done for your business are made especially for your business. We pay a lot of attention to making sure that how we deal with the SEO is based on a custom plan and not on an arbitrary winning formula (one is for all SEO formula), simply because that is what brings the best results.

  • Geographically Targeted

    We work on getting ranks on the geographic location of your customers. They maybe local, national or global rankings. Our keyword research tool allows us to know accurate keyword volume search in the United States (US), the United Kingdom (UK), Canada, France, Russia, Denmark, Australia and other countries in Asia and Europe.

  • Local | Google Maps

    We love local SEO due to its profitability and its relevance with local customers and encourage clients to work local and then scale their SEO efforts from there.

  • White Hat and 100% ethical

    All of the SEO activities (on-page and off-page) strictly follow Google and Search Engine guidelines. White hat SEO is the only real way to go and results got from ethical SEO yields a good B2B or B2C relationship.

  • Brand Aligned

    We keep branding in mind at all times. Our link building and content is strategic and strictly complies with your business branding guidelines.

  • Competitive

    The SEO that we undertake is aggressive yet meaningful. We believe that getting rank just for the sake of visits does not yield profits. We make our SEO competitive by including all needed knowledge these days in the quality SEO world.

  • Strategic

    All SEO parts are aligned towards many small goals and a few bigger goals. Our content, Link Building, Keyword research and competition analysis are in-depth and are coordinated for organized implementation.

  • Scalable

    The SEO services that we provide are scalable. We know that if you aren’t continuously looking for improvements then that would itself be our biggest disadvantage. We never stop even after we have reached the bigger goals.

  • Practical

    Our SEO approach is practical. We know what users search for, why they search for certain search queries. Getting a whole lot of non-converting visitors is not one of our goals. We want you to realize a profitable market in the Internet and we do so by being practical and very methodical.

  • Profitable

    Business profitability is what drives any business. Our Seo Services are meant to expose your business to the right audience. In other words, our efforts are meant to realize ROI and Profits.

With our SEO services, you can expect:

  • Professionalism

    100% transparent consultation that is relevant to you and your business, it is non-biased and non-exaggerated for you to make wise decisions regarding the direction of your company.

  • Strategic Business Growth

    Although we work largely in websites and SEO, our vision is to see your business become successful and not just your online presence. We will work with your offline team/s to realize a strategic growth.

  • Monthly Ranking Reports

    Our monthly ranking reports show changes every end of the month on Organic Traffic, Branded Keywords Traffic, Non-branded keywords traffic, referral traffic and Conversion points or Conversion Goals. These reports also indicate strengths and weakness in the monthly report and our monthly goals for the upcoming month.

  • Weekly SEO Agenda Reports

    Our weekly agenda reports will tell you what our weekly goals are so that our clients are fully informed on major activities that happen with their SEO. These reports will indicate on-page website tweaks to be performed and off-page implementations.

  • Weekly Meetings

    We usually do weekly meetings during your chosen business hour. These meetings do not last more than 30 minutes and is a quick account of the weekly agenda reports so that we can explain what we did in the current week and what to expect the following weeks.

  • Results

    We are persistent in delivering results. We simply never give up and won`t till you and the future of your business is secured online.

Long Term benefits of RedKite SEO

Long Term benefits of RedKite SEO Philippines

RedKite SEO is unique because we collaborate with our clients over content, link and strategies to win at their SEO campaigns. They are all unique and 100% custom tailored. We use manual link building and we do not use privately networked links that can jeopardize the SEO campaign drastically if the client wishes to stop their SEO.

We believe in organic growth and do not participate in unethical business. We strictly believe in “Soaring Together”. If business is not good for our clients, then business is not good for us.

RedKite SEO ranks websites using unique content, strategized link building and persistent optimization. We do not rank websites for rankings alone. We want your target audience to love having spotted you, visited you and having done business with you. We want you to succeed as we want to succeed ourselves.

This is exactly what Google loves – to make websites rank that actually work for their searchers. They want to give the best websites the maximum exposure possible and that is what we do.

Continue to find out how you can make your own SEO plan at your own pace and budget. Make your own SEO plan.

Make your own SEO Plan

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