Why are links important for SEO?

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Without links, there would be no digital infrastructure in the internet that relates one website to another. Without this correlation, Google wouldn’t be able to index websites and so it couldn’t rank websites as well. Link building Philippines websites can help local companies to gain an edge with the global competition.

Links and content are the fundamental blocks of the search industry. Without them, there would be no search engines, no basis for ranking websites, and no way to understand what the website is really about.

Just writing content upon content will not raise your page’s rank, even if the keyword you want to target for SEO has minimal competition. This is because links going to your website from other sites tell Google if what you post in your website has more value over your competitors’ pages.

The more links you generate going to your website,the more prominent your site becomes in this digital infrastructure. However, only links that are relevant to your industry can help boost your site’s rankings. Useless link building is pure digital junk that can do more harm than good to your website’s ranking.

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The Relation of Content, Social media and Links

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Content is the lifeblood of SEO. It is how Google determines the intent of your website. Content in SEO does not necessarily mean only huge articles or blogs; in SEO, content includes meta-tags, social media posts, videos, slideshows, and company profile copywriting.

Links to your site can help provide legitimacy to your site’s value and usability for prospective visitors. With links, Google can determine whether or not your website can be reliably placed in search results for people seeking specific terms.

Recently, social media is getting a lot of attention from Google. Social media can help boost the legitimacy and authority of a website. Getting more citations in social media proves that your audience can trust your content, and that you are on-par with your competition.

Google’s algorithm picks up the interaction between a page’s content and the inbound and outbound links from external websites and social media networks. By determining the quality of the links built, the algorithm can decide which pages should rank higher in SERPs for a particular keyword.

RedKite Link Building Advantage

Link Building Advantage – Redkite Philippines

Our link building practises fulfil many needs of the modern online business. Our goal in building each link is that it makes your company look better than the others. All profiles, social sites and directories are handled with utmost care. The content in the links are all unique, business and brand driven.

Not only do these links achieve your SEO goals, they also make the company look in tip-top shape. When we place a link, we really want to make each and every link a referral opportunity for a click through to our clients websites.

To summarize this advantage, RedKite links are:

  • SEO Targeted

    They are made to rank you for your keywords

  • Brand and Communication driven

    Each link copy is unique and they strictly follow the Culture of the company

  • Organic

    Our links are natural and organic. They are not forceful or spammy

  • Long Lasting

    Our links are made to last

  • Business Driven

    WE treat every link to be a business opportunity for referral traffic growth from link source websites

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RedKite Link Building Process

Link Building Process – Redkite Philippines

Link building is fairly a simple process. However, the internal communication and collaboration of the SEO process (i.e. Copywriting, On-Page SEO, Social Media and link building) gets to be challenging. It is very easy for SEO to get out of track if any of these segments of the SEO process gets misaligned.

After years of SEO, Redkite has formulated our own process and protocol on how link building should be executed.

Generally we start every Link Building Operation by:

  • Research

    We research the types of links that are needed to be made for the SEO campaign. Each SEO campaign has a set of different links needed which is specific and unique to their industry. Links should be as precise and as relevant as possible so a substantial amount of research is done prior to any Link Building campaign.

  • Consultation

    We consult the client on what kind of links they expect to have for their site. We also discuss with them about the type of links that their competitors are building and why we should follow suit.

  • Link Forecast

    After the client has understood the premise of the link building operation, we send documents that forecast the linking process for the next 2-3 months.

  • Copywriting

    Our copywriters make unique copies to be placed for every link made. Company profiles are expanded for every product or service that the client wants to rank for.

  • Proofreading

    All copy for each link is proofread for SEO, brand relevance and overall quality.

  • Client Approval

    This final copy is then sent to clients for their review for alteration or further edits.

  • Link Placement

    The approved copy is then placed into the site we want to link from.

  • Social Media

    Usually, we prefer to share any new link that has been built using bite-sized content for social media.

  • Rank Monitoring

    We always monitor the ranking of each keyword of the client. If we are happy with the quality, we carry on the process; if we are not happy with the initial readings of the link building campaign, then we make adjustments to the strategy as needed.

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