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"The team at Redkite has done an amazing job for us in many capacities. From data entry to advanced proprietary web applications, they have consistently performed and have been a pleasure to work with. Working during our normal business hours and having easily accessible point people on every project has made communication and troubleshooting as painless as possible. I highly recommend them, though we never tell anyone about them so as not to give away our best competitive advantage!"

"Redkite have been an integral component to the evolution of our business, bringing a freshness and heightened presence to our placement on the web. Our new website is crisp, clean and most of all, we are experiencing fantastic results which have translated to a significant revenue increase in our business. We couldn't be more pleased."

"About a year ago, our comapany hired Redkite to redo our website form scratch. We had many bad experiences with web design comapanies, but the experience with Redkite has been entrirely different. Redkite have always been attentive to our industry needs, and paid special attention to keep within a brand taht has taken many years and a substantial amount of money to perfect. Once the website was complete, we immediately began to see results and new leads were coming through daily. We highly recommend Redkite team!"

"An exceptional company with a team of people who go above and beyond to exceed the expectations of their clients. Woriling with Redkite has given me the confidence to make commiments to cliendts and advertisers. I would be hard pressed to make a change. Very hard pressed!"

"Laughing Hyena Records has been with Redkite for years. They offer a good value for United States[-based] customers. You have been, and will continue to be, our web developer. I am happy with your service and pricing."

"I am so fortunate to have discovered Redkite! Finding reliable web developers outside of the Manila city limits is difficult so I was pleased to find one right in my backyard. Owner Raja Sinha really took the time to understand my business inside and out. In fact, he actually helped clarify some of my thinking about my business model. Raja definitely went above and beyond the call of duty. The staff is a delight to work with as well - responsive, friendly, and thorough. My experience with Redkite has been excellent since day one and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of high quality, cost-effective web services!"

"Redkite has been helping us for more than 2 years now. I am bold say that much of our success as a business is hinged upon their help in our website and online presence. I am very happy working with them as they not only do the job we request but more so they engage us, actively recommend and suggest and they get involved with our business. We feel that they very much want the best for us and have a great desire for us to succeed."

"Red Kite has been a pleasure to work with. We highly appreciate the fact that we receive documentation for everything. It is great to have detailed references to keep track of the progress and all the efforts being done to meet our SEO needs."

"Redkite did not only get our Google rankings up, they also made sure that our site’s web design and layout are timely and well-updated through necessary website revamps."

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