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As easy as it sounds, internet marketing or digital marketing, both in the Philippines and abroad, is one of those practices where the saying “If it was easy, everyone could do it” applies. We consult clients in a different manner, we understand their business, their value propositions and then make suggestions where they would do better when we cast the net.

While anyone can get access to digital marketing, success is not guaranteed. But the ones who do reap its benefits have these characteristics:

  • a. They are clearly more committed
  • b. They have short and long term objectives
  • c. They are well informed on the competitiveness of Internet Marketing
  • d. They understand how offline and online marketing is one and the same in the end

Commitment – Having a digital marketing model come to life gives it the “breath of life” that it needs. It is fuelled by the passion to make a difference and not letting anything get in its way to maturity. Often times, those who lack perseverance tend to become overwhelmed with the data and work needed by themselves and their outsourced providers that they literally let-go of their marketing in its infancy stage.

Objectives – There are many who skip the first step of commitment and this causes them not to have clear objectives. Some might even say, “Let’s put in a few hundred dollars into this and see if there is anything I can get out of it!” This clearly shows that there is no commitment on their part and the objective is as vague as it can be.

Once committed however, those who are good at digital marketing ask these questions to themselves:

  • What do we want to do?

    The really smart ones do not believe in spreading themselves thin. In fact, they look for depth instead. They may only do SEO and Facebook for a few years and disregard all that they feel is not relevant to them while others opt to do only email marketing.

  • How much do we want to work in specific areas?

    Simple objectives such as I want to target “x” amount of local keywords and I want to bring “x” amount of sign-ins from Facebook leads to “abc” landing page this month are better and clearer objectives.

  • What results do we want?

    We want to be able to get “x” amount of clicks on these pages from Google from these keywords. We want to increase sign-ins from 5% to 8%.

Digital Marketing Competitive Landscape – Digital marketing access all areas like SEO, email marketing, and social media marketing in the Philippines and abroad. These areas all possess their own native benefits and challenges that are unique to each form of digital marketing. Successful digital marketing ventures often weigh in by thinking this way:

  • SEO competitors: Generally, your offline competitors and your online competitors can vary since online competitors are keyword competitors. Thanks to Google’s Local SEO, if a keyword shows the 3-snack pack, then you only have to worry about local competition. But if not, you could also be in competition with companies that are both local, national and even internationally based.

  • Social Media Competitors: Your social competitors can be different than your keyword competitors. However, in social media, businesses may not be the real competition. The real competition in Social media are “friends, family and relatives” of your potential customer. Getting them interested in what you have to say in their “personal space” when they are involved with their social life is an art that takes years to achieve.

  • Video Marketing: Video marketing is one of the most fun and effective ways to get people to understand your company and brand culture. Investing in Video can pay off for years but you have to understand some principles such as Evergreen content and content that can be “hot” today and be “cold” the next. Having a strategy involving both can be very healthy for any company. Videos, especially when they are informative, can bring you loyalty and closeness compared to any other form of content.

As you can see, there is a lot to choose from and some will be more effective than others. We can help you in finding the right mix that you need to be more efficient.

Online & Offline Marketing - If you don’t have a product or service that appeals to your customers, then there is no magic wand that can be waved for you to be successful in digital marketing. Many businesses that venture into digital marketing and social media marketing can fail because of something very basic that should have been dealt with on Day 1:

  • Is my product / service worth it?
  • Am I offering a unique value proposition compared to others?
  • Am I even capable of converting internet leads?

If your business is not built around accepting and converting internet leads, then your ROI goes out the window. So having a process such as capturing, calling the lead within the first 2-3 hours and having a phone or email follow up processes are as important as the marketing itself.

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