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This is the kind of traffic we actually want – Quality Traffic!

Getting quality visits from a targeted set of prospects is what we actually want. While numbers are important in Traffic Generation, quality still prevails over the quantity of traffic.

Getting traffic from irrelevant websites, keywords and the like is useless. It is simply a waste of time and effort. Here are 3 points to consider why to never think of getting untargeted traffic.

  • Getting Untargeted Traffic Is Easier

    It is generally easier to gets traffic from a lot of websites that don’t fit your market. These kinds of fast traffic generators are banner advertisement, PPC, blogging, social media and classifieds. Easy traffic is not strategic, good strategies takes time and testing.

  • Untargeted Visitors “Bounce-Back” and Show no loyalty

    Since the traffic was not really targeted or focused on a set of people, visitors will find the webpage or website highly dis-engaging. This makes them hit the “Back” button in their browsers so they can get to where they were prior to clicking the link to your website.

  • Bad for SEO and Business Branding

    Having a large number of “bounce-backs” is bad for SEO as it triggers information to Google that your website shows irrelevancy and that you may lack quality or loyalty. Above all, visitors who saw your business brand will be unimpressed. And, we all know first impressions last for a long time.

So, what we do at RedKite is that we research, strategize, execute and monitor the performance of our Traffic Generation. What works for one, doesn’t work for all. Every business and keyword has a total different traffic ecosystem which we analyse from day 1.

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