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Make your business and marketing internship stint in Cavite a more meaningful experience! Soar under the wings of our Project Managers and learn:
  • How to research and analyze competitors
  • How to Track organic keyword ranking
  • Quality Assessment for page optimizations, content enhancements, and links
  • Quality Assessment for web fixes
  • Website and traffic conversion
  • Website speed and user behavior analysis
  • Task distribution, scheduling, and monitoring
  • How to create campaign timetables
  • Different digital marketing strategies in the Philippines.
Why look far for web development training when you can get those web and SEO OJT credentials in Cavite? Get hands-on training from our Web Developers and SEO Specialists on how to do:
  • Link creation
  • Status monitoring of existing links
  • Backlink audits
  • Old on-page blog editing/uploading
  • Keyword tracking
  • Advanced programming and coding using HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Other SEO services
Enhance your Adobe Photoshop & Premiere skills through an OJT internship in Cavite with our Web Layout Artists. Hone your web design skills through:
  • Learning proper spacing
  • Learning the importance of color correction
  • Learning when to increase/decrease the background music, effects, voice, etc.
  • Learning transition effects
  • Learning how to balance elements
  • Learning the importance of correct grammar and punctuation usage on visual arts
  • Learning different web designs in the Philippines and abroad.
Pursue your passion for creative writing while improving your general writing skills through a content writing internship program in Cavite. Let our senior content writers guide you through:
  • Extensive blog writing exercises
  • Application of APA Style
  • Practicing proficient English writing
  • Brainstorming for blog topics and social media marketing strategies in the Philippines and abroad
  • Writing for different social media sites
  • Writing content for different types of websites in the PH, the USA, UK, and Australia
  • Experience first-hand what’s it like to work in the professional world (clue: it’s very different from college)
  • Learn things you are less likely to learn in school; let your hands-on internship in Cavite teach you how to react to situations not touched on in a classroom setting
  • Meet awesome professional people from different walks of life and different fields of the digital marketing industry
  • Get an internship certificate signed by a digital marketing agency in the Philippines with over a decade of experience and clients from all over the world
  • Apply easily — no internship fee needed!
  • Learn how to be more awesome than you already are; an ojt internship in Cavite can help you grow as a person
  • Step #1
    Inquire for a Cavite internship opening by filling up our internship form and writing a cover letter stating which one of our SEO company’s four internship programs you are interested in and why.
  • Step #2
    Once you confirmed that we are open for internships, go to our office and submit your Resume, Endorsement Letter from School, and Certificate of Registration to our HR Officer.
  • Step #3
    You can start as soon as you are qualified for the internship program you applied for. Do not forget to give us a testimonial of your internship experience before you leave!

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