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Manageable and Highly Functional User-Friendly Ecommerce Website Designs

Ecommerce has redefined the word “shopping” since its conception. In hopes of reaching a wider audience, businesses have flocked online for their customers’ ease and convenience – and so should you!

With an ecommerce website, your customers can have easy access to your business’ products and services without leaving the comfort of their own homes. An online shop gives your customers complete freedom to choose based on their specific preferences without any kind of outside pressure weighing down on them. With a user-friendly design, your customers will keep coming back to your site.

Not only does this benefit your customers tenfold, it’s good for your business as well. Ecommerce websites can increase your profitability while reducing your costs. Plus, it makes keeping an eye on your consumers’ buying habit easier compared to physical stores. What’s more is that you’ll be boosting your online presence, hence obtaining exposure to a much larger customer base. Imagine reaching an audience at a national – or even an international – level.

From a sleek and simple design to a flawless navigation system, RedKite assures you of an ecommerce website with first-rate features that will highlight your business’s potential so that you can develop even deeper connections with your current and potential customers.

Features of an Ecommerce Website created by RedKite

  • Functional and Responsive Web Design
  • RedKite can customize your website’s design based on your brand. We keep things modern, minimalistic and mobile-friendly as not only will it look and work better, it will also keep your users’ online shopping experience uninterrupted and stress-free – whatever device they may be using.

  • Smooth Navigation
  • Navigation is the heartbeat of all website usage. We make sure that your users won’t tire exploring your website with an organized navigation system.

  • Systematized Data Sorting
  • Good ecommerce websites anticipate different types of relevant searches possible on the site. You can find the same product through different perspectives i.e. searching by size, color, brand, material, durability, etc. RedKite specializes in pre-arranging and sorting these out for your user so that they will be able to make decisions faster.

  • No Dead-end Pages
  • You wouldn’t have to worry about dead-end pages because RedKite will always offer suggestions, alternate searches or even customer service to your consumers to make sure that they within your website.

  • Easy and Secure Shopping Carts and Checkouts
  • We hate bugs too! We pride ourselves on making user-friendly checkouts and shopping carts so that you wouldn’t have to worry about buggy and problematic pages.

  • Rich SEO
  • We plan SEO into your website’s design from the get-go so that you can save time and money. We’ll keep your site’s content optimized for maximum SEO performance.

  • Engaging Social Media
  • For all-out reach, your ecommerce website will be made social media-ready so that you can market to your customers in different and creative ways.

  • Enhanced Management with CMS (Magento) and Administration
  • We believe that there is no need to “re-invent the wheel” so for your website management, we simply use Magento as your CMS (Content Management System) and Ecommerce Admin program. Magento simplifies the coding and the website administration process so that you’ll be able to easily customize even the tiniest detail of your site when you need to.

With an ecommerce website that works like a charm, you’ll turn your site’s visitors into paying customers in no time.

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