Magento Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce sites aren’t supposed to be complicated. Not with Magento.

Magento is among the easiest to use open-source ecommerce platforms out there as its ultramodern functions and systems are intended to make managing an online shop a breeze. It is versatile as there are an infinite number of possible designs and extensions available and it can handle any kind of project – whether it be for small start-ups or big corporations.

With Magento, you can effortlessly distinguish your business from all your competitors and increase your revenue by simply having it professionally designed in line with your brand’s personality. And we can do that for you!

Features of Magento Ecommerce Website Designed by RedKite

  • Designed for Your Brand
  • Magento has free templates but it is best for your website’s design to be structured from the ground up, just so you have full control. We can create the exact theme that will truly reflect your business’ personality. We can also keep your site design both simple and functional so that your users will keep coming back for more.

  • Responsive Design
  • More and more people are using various devices to shop online. We ensure you of a responsive website so that your users can access your online store from any browser in every device.

  • Clear and Captivating Visuals
  • Ecommerce websites require product and service images to be of top-quality — with Magento, that is exactly what you’ll get. Crisp and crystal clear photos that will entice your shoppers to buy.

    SEO Friendly and Social-Media Ready Worried about SEO? We’re on it! We can design a website that is fit for SEO so that you can keep your ranking higher on search engines like Google and Yahoo. Also, we will make sure your site is designed to be readily shared on social media.

  • Scalable
  • Your business will keep growing and so will your website. Because Magento is scalable, you can easily add more of your products and services to accommodate the growing needs of your audience.

  • Custom Extensions
  • If you have other services targeted to specific markets, Magento supports multiple storefronts. You only need one back-end in order to control all of them. With this, you are able to update all your storefronts easily.

  • Effortless Integration
  • If your business needs it, Magento can integrate well with shopping channels like eBay and Amazon. This also covers applications such as email marketing, coupon codes integration and multi-language support.

  • Lightning Fast Load Speeds
  • There’s nothing more off-putting than waiting for pages to load! RedKite assures you of a highly functional site with lightning fast load speeds.

If you’re looking for a great ecommerce platform that is both powerful and extremely easy to use, then Magento is best for you and your business!


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