What is On-Page SEO?

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On-Page SEO is the part of SEO that deals with what is “in-site” or within a domain. It is different than Off-page SEO that deals with Content and Links generated outside of a website in different domains.

Since 2013, we have seen Google give special consideration to websites that can work faster with their crawlers, for a better “Googling” experience. If websites are maintained properly, they can communicate with Google crawlers efficiently (i.e. saving time needed for Crawling of a website). If websites have faster load speeds then there is a lot of Google-love granted to sites that work better with their programs.

On-page SEO is performed to

  • Make websites error-free from Google crawls

  • Ensure content and meta-tags in websites are fully optimized

  • Optimize consistent communication to crawlers on what the website should rank for using content, sitemaps, robots.txt and internal linking

  • Increase page loading speed

  • Remove and replace invalid codes with valid HTML codes acceptable by Google.

  • Enhance overall crawl-ability of the website for maximum performance

If On-page SEO is not done prior to an overall SEO campaign involving link building and copywriting, there is a chance that you may not rank if there are on-page issues or errors within the website. Perform On-Page professionally with RedKite and get your site clean of errors.

Common Indications of On-Page Problems

Poor SEO Signs – Redkite Philippines

Here are the common indicators of poor on-page SEO:

  • Site not indexed (fully or partially) by Google

    If you have a website that cannot be found using a Google Search for your unique brand, domain or company name and its precise business location, you may be having issues with Google indexing your website.

    This can be done by checking Google Webmaster tools. Google sends warning notices in their webmaster tools if they are having issues indexing your website and usually they indicate why and how you can fix the issue yourself.

  • Duplicate Content

    Run a Google Search check for the content in your homepage and see if there are duplicates. Other ways to check for duplicate content in your website is to run the content through plagiarism programs. If there is duplicate content, you may be indexed but you may have very very low rankings. You will need to redo content on your website that may have duplicate copies.

  • Wrong meta-tags/landing pages appearing in Search

    Sometimes, it’s the small things that are taken for granted. And they can be the reasons of bad SEO. These small items that are crucial yet often overlooked are the tags and titles of the websites pages. Wrong titles, spelling errors, inconsistency of page content and tags are reasons why SEO can go out of whack.

    If you are ranking, but with wrong pages, it can be an indication of something awfully wrong with your on-page SEO setup. Usually this happens with non-strategic internal linking.

  • Bad SEO performance

    Not moving up at all is an indication of Poor SEO. Although link quality is often the reason for bad SEO performance, we need to remember that we can only conclude links to be the culprit after the On-page segment of the SEO is isolated and checked for the tiniest details.

  • Site loads slow

    If the homepage and landing pages of your website loads slowly, then there is a big chance that you are not being prioritized because of how long Google users take to load your website. Google prefers to give searchers an overall excellent search experience including time taken to get their information and if you are not optimizing you site load speeds, you will surely miss out on ranking as well.

If you have noticed any of the above, let us know and we can perform an On-Page Audit for SEO so that you can get back on track with your SEO.

RedKite On-page SEO service inclusions

On Page Service Inclusions – Redkite Philippines

Our On-Page SEO is rational and practical. We first listen to our clients’ SEO history, audit the site from an on-page standpoint and then come with pragmatic solutions.

Our On-Page SEO service includes:

  • An Initial Background Check on the SEO history

    Using SEO tools, we come up with evidence of what went wrong to any SEO. We then check our findings with our client’s experience of their SEO. We want to look at the right places and so the background check needs to be as accurate as possible.

  • Google Webmaster Tools

    Using Webmaster tools, we make sure that no crawl issues are occurring within the website. We check for the correct configurations of the website’s sitemap, robotx.txt file and page load speed. Webmaster tools also give a fair indication of what pages are being prioritized internally within the website and which aren’t.

  • Content and Link Audit

    We look for consistency in the content and the internal links of a website. If there is inconsistency then that could trigger confusion on how Google sees your website. This audit includes looking at meta-tags and content duplication.

  • Code Optimization

    If the code of the website is not optimized, Google may take more time than usual to crawl the website. Sometimes, GoogleBot, the crawler of Google, is known to forsake their index and crawl process of a website if it takes too long to crawl and this delay can be caused by non-optimized code.

  • Report, Fixes and Solution

    We give our a report of all the errors that is found sorted by priority. The client is also then informed of the necessary re-coding and work needed to make the site error free and fully optimized. We provide the solution report and start fixing the website.

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