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Local SEO Service – Redkite Philippines

Not attracting enough attention from the local population? Improve your business' local presence through Redkite's Local SEO Outsourcing service, aimed for businesses that rely on tourism or the local community for most of their revenue.


  • NAP optimization

    Essential information about your business, such as its name, address, and phone number should be widely available and be easy to look up. We'll spread this information in your website and various directories, listings, profiles, and blogs around the Internet.

  • Google Maps and other mapping services

    These extremely useful (and often free) services literally put your business on the map, making it very easy for searchers to find your business thanks to the NAP (name, address, and phone) that's usually displayed together with the map.

  • Online reviews

    Statistics have shown that review websites like Yelp have a huge influence on a buyer's decision process. Therefore, it is vital that businesses maintain great services at all times since it is not allowed, if not illegal, for business owners to create reviews themselves. These are also great for NAP since they also show info about the businesses that they have reviewed.

  • Social media

    Thanks to their popularity and various apps and plugins, social media is another excellent opportunity for local SEO because their users love talking about their favorite hangouts. Social media websites also allow the users to share their location amongst their friends and familiy. Click here and find out about out social media marketing services. Click here and find out about out social media marketing services.

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