What is Off-Page SEO?

Off Page SEO – Redkite Philippines

Off-page SEO is that part of SEO that is performed outside of the website. It is the syndication segment of any SEO campaign whereby links and citations from other websites reveal the popularity and authority of certain webpages or websites. This indication of popularity allows Google to know which sites` information is inferior or superior.

While, on-page elements can be manipulated by SEOs and website owners for maximum performance, links on the other hand, cannot be as manipulated. This is why Google places a huge importance on link relationships.

Yes, links can also be manipulated for ranks but they are easily discovered by Google. Link Manipulation techniques are over-linking, spamming and they offer no user-value. If links are built for ranking alone and not for the overall usefulness of its readers and searchers, then those links get an almost zero value, and this is why, link building is the SEO champion. This is also exactly the reason why such a huge value has been placed on link building and relationships.

Websites are social -- they inform, engage and entertain. Some websites are just going to be better than others. This inferiority or superiority of a website can be read by Google through

  • Content

    Good Content gets good readership. If the content in a website is good, people will take time to read the pages of a website. This metric can be tracked by Google, they know how much time people spend with a website and its pages.

  • Social Citations

    If people like your content, they usually share them or interact with the content. This sends-off social signals that indicates to Google if a brand, website is legitimate and is authoritative.

  • Link Quality

    The most important indicator of a superior website are the links coming to it from other good websites (websites that are authoritative, popular and relevant to the website in question)

  • User-interaction

    Like in the case of content above, user interaction to any content, inside or outside a website can be read by Google. If links and content are placed outside of a website and they are favored by users and readers, this leads Google to conclude that those links are more superior.

Common Off-Page Issues

Off Page SEO Problems – Redkite Philippines

You may be suffering from poor off-page SEO if your site has no On-Page issues, and is indexed by Google but ranks low on the 4th-5th pages of Google and below. Here are a few Off-Page Issues to be careful about:

  • You keep churning out more links
  • Your website is categorized in a wrong category
  • You are linking to the wrong pages
  • You link but without paying attention to the content of the source page
  • Quality of the source page or domain

RedKite Off-page SEO service inclusions

Off Page Service Inclusions – Redkite Philippines

Our Off-Page SEO is rational and practical. We first listen to our clients SEO history, audit the site from an off-page standpoint and then come with pragmatic solutions.

Philippines SEO Outsourcing Company’s Off-Page SEO service includes:

  • An Initial Background Check on the SEO history

    Using SEO tools, we come up with evidence of what went wrong to any SEO. We then check our findings with our client’s experience of their SEO. We want to look at the right places and so the background check needs to be as accurate as possible.

  • Google Webmaster Tools

    Using Webmaster tools, we make sure that no crawl issues are occurring within the website. We check for the correct configurations of the websites sitemap, robotx.txt file and page load speeds. Webmaster tools also give a fair indication of what pages are being prioritized internally within the website and which aren’t.

  • Content and Link Audit

    We look for consistency in the content and the internal links of a website. If there is inconsistency then that could trigger confusion on how Google sees your website. This audit includes looking at meta-tags and content duplication.

  • Code Optimization

    If the code of the website is not optimized, Google may take more time than usual to crawl the website. Sometimes, GoogleBot, the crawler of Google, is known to forsake their index and crawl process of a website if it takes too long to crawl and this delay can be caused by non-optimized code.

  • Report, Fixes and Solution

    We give our clients a report about all the errors that is found sorted by priority. The client is also then informed of the necessary re-coding and work needed to make the site error free and fully optimized. We provide the solution report and start fixing the website.


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