When you had a 2GB ram on your computer back in 2003, you had one of the best specs that existed; but today, 2GB amounts to almost unusable. This is because of the rapid development of technology and digital marketing can’t function properly without following suit.

If you’re a digital marketer, you should know that even the smallest innovation can change the entire face of the game. Only a few months ago, Mark Zuckerberg announced that there will be an alteration on Facebook’s algorithm, creating ripples of challenging adjustments to different marketers.

We saw great technological advancements in digital marketing in the Philippines and rest of the world this 2018 – such as augmented reality, voice search, and continuous innovation of social media – which might make you wonder what’s in store for the coming years, say 15 years from now. You might say that’s still a long time, but 2003 feels like it was just yesterday!

So to ready you for the coming decade and a half, know some of the potential trends of digital marketing!

Stronger focus to customer value

Digital marketing has been less aggressive for the past decades and this is expected to even flourish in the next 15 years.

Customer Value Digital Marketing


  • Marketers design content with the consumer in mind.
  • User personalization and general user experience are the top priorities of digital marketers, instead of blatant business branding and shoving the company’s principles to the user.
  • It paved way for:
  • Sudden rise of Facebook and Instagram stories
  • Video ads from companies that mainly feature the life of a consumer, rather than the brand
  • Internet marketing companies in the Philippines even use memes to promote their brand, showing how the brand is willing to feed consumer interest through humor even if a comical marketing strategy doesn’t suit the company’s identity.

Children today will experience a finely tuned digital marketing in the future:

  • It will suit a person’s preference.
  • The branding won’t take a backseat – it’ll be infused subtly, but not malevolently.

Servers Digital Marketing Philippines

More convenient displays and interface

The devices and gadgets we use today aren’t as advanced as you think. Truth to be told, we are still using a Jurassic-like system when it comes to our electronics:

  • Hardware is still bulky.
  • Cables are still plenty.
  • Servers still have similar principles from 1960 data centers.

What will happen?

Within the next decade…

  • There should be a guaranteed change to this system, especially when you look at the technology releases we have today.
  • There’ll be more of a plug and play and mobile standard to the latest technological updates, which means:
    • Less screens
    • Less servers
    • Less hardware

Examples: wearable gadgets (like smart watches) and virtual reality consoles

  • Displays won’t require keyboards at all – every function and each action is just one screen tap away.
  • Since minimalistic and easy-to-use products are hits to consumers, digital marketers will incline more on convenient technology to promote their businesses.

Virtual Reality Digital Marketing Philippines

Innovative delivery and logistics systems

How you deliver, receive, or carry a product is also starting to take a new form. For example, the product you ordered can be delivered almost instantly through drones. Amazon, UPS, and even Domino’s Pizza are currently looking to get big on this method.

The pros

  • Not only is it cheap and hassle-free, but it’s also great marketing.
  • Using such innovation shows the company’s eagerness in improving their services.
  • It builds the company’s credibility, business sophistication, and capability to adapt into progression of technology.

Companies are taking baby steps on this system, but expect that it’ll fully blow in the decades to come.

Logistics and Delivery Systems Digital Marketing Philippines

Improved email systems

Surely e-mails will still be around within the next decade and e-mail marketing will still be one of the effective tools for digital marketing. Some experts believe that it’ll be a brand new experience, which will set a challenge to digital marketers on how they’ll email market in a technical but attractive manner.

In the future

  • Emails are believed to be even more personalized, which means:
    • You’ll have more control of the interface appearance.
    • The content supplied to you will be based on your submitted preferences.
  • Emails are expected to be more interactive and visually appealing.
    • There will be 3D controls set to rule this domain and you can organize your emails just with prompts and gestures.
  • Innovation in email also means less email spam.

E-mail Marketing Digital Marketing Philippines

Artificial intelligence have more control

Do not panic! This doesn’t mean robot invasion like you see in the movies. Artificial intelligence (AI) having more control means they’re more involved on what you do. And no, this doesn’t denote androids or mechanical appendages. It’s about search engines and bots which can greatly help how you market digitally.

In the future

  • By then, search engine optimization will be more creative and more engaging, making it more attractive to consumers.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP are also seen to be more precise, as AIs are more advanced in bringing consumers the best content in the web.
  • Bots are assumed to be a better automated service system. They can be trivial in function and a little bothersome to users nowadays; but within the coming years, they’ll be better developed to bring a human-like consumer service.

Social media still a hit

Even with the announcement that Facebook will dwindle business promotions and ads, social media will still be one of the biggest digital marketing tools. If not Facebook, other prominent sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube are predicted to be even more gigantic when it comes to advertising. Familiarize yourself with their features now to get you prepped in the future!

Social Media Digital Marketing Philippines

One thing is for sure, i.e. getting attention from the customers of the future will have challenges. Currently, a user can give your message eight seconds of their time. In the future, they’ll be likely to give much less.

As technology continues to advance, we shouldn’t forget that both the user and the marketer should benefit from the changes. Marketers, as always, will be able to conform to the needs of the market.