Why is content vital for SEO?

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The Content Marketing or Copywriting process for SEO is extremely vital. Not only does it boost SEO, it is usually what influences the buying decision of the visitor or reader of a website.

In SEO, content i.e. text content, is what the Google crawler reads. It reads the tags and titles of a page, the main content body of the page, links embedded in them and also other text that is used to declare the content within non-text multi-media such as images and videos.

When the meta-title, meta-description, keywords, URL and the main content of the page is consistent and in unison, then, can we say that a page is optimized to handle a few desired keywords or key-phrases. While this is a basic building block of any SEO (meta-tag optimization is used to communicate pages of a website with Google i.e. it summarizes what the page is about), content can be strategically written to further boost SEO as well.

Content marketing and copywriting can boost SEO by being able to appeal to the other, more important side of the entire internet industry – which are the readers and the visitors of the website. Well-written, structured and informative pages appeal to the people reading them. They tend to stay on those pages longer, they tend to share the content and may revisit the webpage or website again and again. This is a clear indication that the content was able to satisfy the viewer.

So content marketing is not just something that is needed for basic SEO communication with Google Crawlers, it is the most important business driving tool in any SEO. Links, posts, blogs, articles, press releases, company profiles, social media “bite-sized” content, videos, slideshows, infographics and images are all kinds of content that when pieced together, can deliver excellent results.

Different Kinds of Content (and Content Marketing) for SEO

Different Content for SEO – Redkite Philippines

While text is the most recurring and the most dominant kind of content in the internet, over the last few years, we have seen other forms of content rise in popularity. Better internet speeds and smartphones have been the reason behind this revolution.

Here are a few types of content that are generated almost every day:

  • Meta-Tags

    Although Meta-tags are written largely for communicating correctly and quickly with search engine bots, these tags are seen in the Google Search Results Page. If written carefully, they can bring a better CTR (click-through rate) value as searchers would prefer to know what the page is about prior to clicking through from Google to a webpage. This is a text type of content with a specific purpose.

  • Company Profiles

    Whether you are creating a link or a profile for your social media or ‘about’ section, there is a huge link advantage when this kind of copy is handled correctly. Not only should company profiles be unique each and every time, they should be able to get your brand and business across perfectly. Most people highly underestimate the usefulness of a solid profile that is written professionally complete with maps, portfolios and everything.

  • Blogs and Articles

    The most common kind of copywriting for websites. Blogs usually tend to deal with subject matter using a more personal voice, opinion and approach. Articles tend to deal with the subject matter using a more professional voice. Both are excellent for SEO, as blogs can help you develop a personal kind of branding while articles can help with the overall branding of the business. However, quality is always key; if people aren’t reading your blogs and articles, it is really going to be pointless, so you need to be good with your content discovery and titles. It should satisfy someone’s curiosity.

  • Videos

    Although Videos are still not really read by search engine bots (they are kind of blind to them since visual recognition is still in its infancy), but they can still be tagged using text. This text helps search engines identify what the video is all about. Videos are easier to digest than text-content and they can be entertaining. Using Video content marketing generally draws more visitors and more time spent per session of any webpage. Videos are excellent for SEO and sales conversions.

  • Slideshows

    Slideshows (either those created with applications like PowerPoint or through web-based slideshow creation and curation programs) will remain to be popular forms of content marketing for years to come, thanks to the vast array of customization and presentation options that they can provide. There are many websites that allow you to generate and post your own slideshow, each offering a unique approach to slideshow content marketing.

  • Images

    Photos, Infographics, Icons and Art make up a chunk of the images that are found within a website. Beautiful imagery and art can appeal to many people and they are ideal to explain blogs or articles in depth. People tend to read blogs and articles that is supported using imagery or videos.

  • Social Copy or Posts

    Social copies and posts are best consumed when written in smaller “bite-sizes”. While they can be great for gathering referral visits to a website, they work better if the totality of the content can be appreciated within the social media site. This can lead to a quick like, share or comment which is valuable to any business.

  • Press Releases

    Press releases are copies that are meant to be syndicated to news companies. If there is no news to really announce, then it is not really considered to be a release. Press releases work well for companies that need to announce new events, discoveries or successes to the community. They can be picked up by larger news syndication companies and there is a chance that your release could be a headline in the news. This can bring in a lot of attention to the company`s website or social media accounts.

  • Animation

    Animation can do wonders for a website. It makes people stay longer in websites as they want to watch the entire animation and it entertains and informs the visitors. They are also widely popular and they can bring a positive response from the viewers. They can be used for social media and as presentations. They can be used to explain things that cannot be explained or would be too complex or costly if done on the usual kind of acting, documentary or advertisement kind of video production.

RedKite Content Development

Content Development – Redkite Philippines

Content marketing and copywriting in RedKite are taken extremely seriously as we know content to be the basis of all SEO and all of business in particular.

Content helps to bring a brand to life. It bring loyalty, authority and overall success. Our content marketing is made to be precise, accurate and is user-designed. We always keep the potential readers of a webpage in focus.

The content we generate is made to do well for SEO and made to be useful for website visitors. The copy and content we generate are:

  • Meta-tags
  • Webpage Content
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Social Media Copy
  • Infographics
  • Artwork
  • Graphics
  • Slideshows
  • Animation
  • Videos
  • Banners
  • Online Brochures
  • Digital PDF Magazines
  • Link Copies
  • Company Profiles

Our copywriters are familiar with American, British, Australian and Canadian language preferences and are trained to appeal to the culture of their target audience.

All of our copies are proof-read, SEO-optimized and strategically posted for maximum return on each and every content generated. If you are looking for a SEO outsourcing company to outsource your Content Marketing for SEO, click here to make your own content generation plan.


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