Domains have their value and these values pertain to money that can range from zero to millions. If you are planning to buy a domain or sell your own domain, you need to know the worth of your domain name and you can do this by using certain appraisal tools and other certain techniques.

Know that the worth of your domain depends on the nature of the keywords on the website address, the search volume, and the marketability of your entire site.

Domain names are a form of digital property and you will have to learn the tricks of the trade to ensure that you are getting what you deserve. Here are the best appraisal tools that you can use instantly today for your digital marketing needs here in the Philippines!


One of the biggest names in domain registration and web hosting, GoDaddy is a site you can trust and get a lot of information from. In their domain value appraisal section, simply key in the domain name and GoDaddy will provide you more than just numbers but a detailed explanation of why your domain has the particular result like the keyword isn’t too prominent or the address is too long. Certainly GoDaddy’s appraisal prominence has its reason so it’s best to always check out GoDaddy.


You will get an optimum experience with Sedo, after all it is built for this trade and is deemed as the largest domain marketplace in the cyber world. Right at the homepage you will be greeted by the real time domain metrics showing featured domains, auctions that are ending soon, and domains that are showcased.

Sedo - Redkite Digital Marketing Philippines

Sedo also offers an interactive and quick domain name estimation, just put your desired or the established keyword on their designated tool and you will be directed to a list of domains with their respective traffic, bids, and price. It has a wide range of domain suggestions and filters that you can use to refine your search.


With a clear interface, Estibot is an estimation machine that is favored by users who are looking for a more in-depth domain value calculation in terms of keyword research, cost-per-click, and traffic ranks. While you need to sign up for the appraisal, it is worthwhile because of the great results Estibot provides.


This domain calculator likes to live up to its name as it gives epic results that are far more advanced than what other domain value tools can churn out. All of this because Epik’s estimation system is tied with Alexa and thus the showing of comprehensive information about the domain’s history.

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When signing up with Epik, you can either choose a free or paid service. Both have their perks and expected limitations but whatever you go for, you are sure to get significant calculations.


FreeValuator is free but you won’t get any less of a service from it. When you type in the domain, you will be transported to easy-to-read results page that contains the estimated value of your site, the details of the domain, its ranking in Alexa, as well as its social media shares. You can also opt for an appraisal certificate that they can offer for a few bucks.


Health is wealth and this is what seems to be MySiteWealth is going for as aside from the appraisal or domain name value estimate, it also offers information about your website’s health. It shows the age of your site, its global rank, its performance (load time, page size), the web server it uses, if there are active threats found within your site and many more! It’s best to see it for yourself as it provides a lot of info that you have to see for yourself. One that stands out is a five-star rating that shows how marketable the domain name is.


StatChest offers unlimited domain appraisal so you wouldn’t have to worry about rechecking again and again. Of course, it provides domain name value of websites of any language and uses different application program interfaces to gather results. Other features include additional availability information for very interested domain buyers or sellers and a safety rating to help users deduce if the domain is secure.

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Domain Index

Sometimes you will have to look onto multiple domains and Domain Index is one of the best appraisal tools to help you know domain name values all at once. Along with its domain report is a WhoIs information to aid in your in learning more of the domain.

Other methods to use

While appraisal tools can give you accurate estimates and convenient way of determining your domain name’s value, you shouldn’t completely rely on it rather you should use it as one of the enforcing elements to learn whether a domain is the one to purchase or sell.

Aside from the help of an appraisal tool, you can determine the value of your domain through your own analysis and research.

Take a look at the domain.

Is it marketable and has its own sense of brand? Does it use generic and practical keywords? If a domain includes common keywords like then there is a high probability of the domain being of high value and difficult to bid to. Although, there also are keywords that uses unusual words but are highly marketable. You just need a keen eye to discover what domain out there isn’t noticed much but has the best qualities of a domain that gets your business going. Signs of a domain that is profitable are substantial keywords, short length, a catchy ring to it, and good top level domain.

Usually, .coms, .orgs, and .nets are the domains that gets all the love so it is better to avoid being too idealistic by going for domains that are not really used.

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You can also look for domains that are recently being sold. From there, you can discover what domains are a hit in the market and what domains you should try selling that might be the one that will jumpstart your digital commerce or be the next internet sensation.

A lot many know that domain trade is a thriving industry. Every day, there are countless businessmen selling and buying domains in hopes of elevating their digital assets but just real life, products like domains can either be of low value or something truly worth investing in. With the appraisal tools listed above, you can now find domains of best value!