Before understanding the purposes of SEO, it’s important that everyone knows the value of content and copywriting. In digital media, quality content should offer benefits to your audience. Is the information of value? Does it provide the readers with facts and figures that can’t be seen elsewhere? Does it connect with your audience? And most of all, does it reflect the image of your brand?

As a digital marketing company in the Philippines that specializes in outsourcing SEO, we know that in order to create good content, every written word must serve a purpose. We prioritize content as the basis of SEO because information is the champion of search engines, especially Google. It’s pretty simple: quality writing = better results!


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When creating content, it’s vital to know who your target audience is and what kind of writing they require. To help you with this, ask yourself the following questions before proceeding with writing:

  • What type of content would my target audience like to receive?
  • What channels do they use?
  • What media do they use in their search?
  • How do we ensure that our target audience receives the content?

No matter where your target audience may be, you should always keep in mind what kind of “local” writing they’re used to searching and reading.

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Localized content is simply directing your writing efforts towards your local target market. For us at Redkite Digital Marketing, we get localized content done for our clients through detailed techniques that involve customization of writing and link building system. In addition, we also use spelling and grammar tools, starting from Word Documents to Chrome Plugins that precisely check the correct usage of the language in different areas.


Before anything else, research about your competition and see what’s trending in different industries. In SEO, competitor analysis plays a vital role in improving content that you want to provide. Don’t be afraid of your competition. Instead, do the following:

  • Let the big brands do the hard work – Instead of trying so hard to find the right audience after creating your content, let the big guys tell you which audiences are picking up, and then focus the content on them.
  • Integrate what works – Whatever is working for the bigger brands, emulate it and then add your own twist and techniques.
  • Learn from their mistakes – Read blog posts, information, and audience reaction about your competitor’s content. This way, you can avoid repeating their errors.

Writing to normal standard is also important for any SEO campaign. Readers don’t appreciate words that are hard to understand. So, when writing content, use simple words so your audience will get to know your point of view. Always remember that online readers don’t read content word by word. In addition, people don’t have the time to open a dictionary and learn the meanings of complex words, do they?

Lastly, all content should go through an internal proofreading process. Once the actual writing stops, proofreading should start. Ensure that the writing is properly organized, all facts are accurate, and of course, all links should lead to their proper target page.

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A good link building strategy should be unique. It should target specific niche websites that are highly relevant to the SEO campaign and should involve link auditing, removal of unwanted links, and ongoing link placement.

A good link drives traffic to your site. But how do you distinguish a good link? Take a look the bullet points below:

  • Professional and unique copy on every link
  • On-page copywriting for page optimization
  • Complete company portfolio written uniquely per profile
  • Social media citation

What Redkite Can Do for Your SEO Campaign

All Redkite contents go through an intensive proofreading procedure and are only posted after being reviewed and approved by our clients. We ensure quality work throughout every stage of the content-making process.

Our link building protocol demands that we have a pre-strategized one- to two-month link proposal per client. After that, links should get approval for placement by our SEO department head. We treat each link as much as we treat business as referral opportunity.


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