While I have come across a lot of people who have testified how Search Engine Optimization (SEO), search marketing, and SEO outsourcing companies have quadrupled their businesses, I have also encountered quite some business owners who want nothing to do with SEO or search marketing.

They only want Facebook (and sometimes other social media marketing platforms) and for some reason are content with the fraction of vague internet leads they get. Some do not even bother to get a website, and if they do, they make one but no one actually visits their site.

Generally if you are not doing SEO, you are losing business. PERIOD!

You see, SEO is not only about gaining business. SEO is mostly also about not losing business.

In other words, SEO is not only about +1—it is making sure you do not get a -1.

How is that?

Here is a simple story to illustrate this issue.

Right below our office is a business that rents expensive apparel especially for weddings and other sophisticated events. They have been in business for over 10 years and are one of the only providers of such a service in over a 20-mile perimeter. They have a huge advantage due to lack of offline competition.

But, in the last 5 years, with such a huge influx of private vehicles, we are running out of parking space. I mean literally, there is no spot to park anymore. The parking availability is used up by employees and owners of the businesses in our building.

The chance of a customer to park their car and walk inside to the rental store is very slim. So many cannot physically get to the store and may want to Google them instead or scan their website. However, this store has never paid any attention to the search marketing or internet marketing in Philippines—even the simplest basic website is absent.

A potential customer would come across other options while searching the Internet. They would see that there are actually tens of other stores present within their area. It just happened that they never thought about Googling for wedding gown rentals. This brought them to a lot of other options and prices. However, our friends below, paying such an expensive rental on the building, have made their gown rental prices slightly more expensive than those operating out of the Internet.

To make matters worse, other competitors have hi-jacked the name of their brand and are now getting customers using their brand name.

This happens all the time.

So to those who feel that Search, SEO, and Google have no value for their business, you may want to think again. As early as now, I suggest you consider getting a website and if you already have one, I suggest you get an SEO site audit to check how well your website is doing.

Remember you may not want more business using SEO, but you sure do not want to lose business not doing SEO. Enlist a company that provides incredible digital marketing offers here in the Philippines to learn more.