Big corporations seem untouchable—like they do not need to invest in website improvement solutions because of their already established prominence. Television commercials, print advertisements, and word of mouth certainly helped in this aspect back in the day. SEO for corporations didn’t even exist.

And then the Internet happened.

It was and is a perpetual game changer that seeks to rock even the longest standing companies in the Philippines. Corporations now need to catch up to cater clients who prefer using the Internet—they need to start thinking about digital marketing in the Philippines and most especially their websites’ search engine optimization (SEO).

There are many reasons for corporations to invest in SEO services as early as today.

The System of the Internet

The Internet continues to reinvent itself and it won’t stop to wait for anybody. While this notion can be alarming to the business industry, it also brings a positive element of change: the Internet opens doors to new marketing strategies.

System of the Internet - Redkite Digital Marketing Philippines

Unlike its Western counterparts, massive corporations in the Philippines are not capitalizing on their websites’ SEO but rather on the rise of social media.

It can be difficult to accept but this is the norm now. Internet rules even the marketing world. While other large companies with more than 500 employees prefer television and other digital marketing channels to get a quick return of investment, not doing SEO will eventually phase you out of the competition.

Local and international demands are growing

When a foreigner happens to Google search for a particular keyword for services he is looking for, he might stumble upon Filipino websites of industries that offer SEO services and actually avail services even though he is seas away.

SEO reaches masses that may be unfamiliar with your corporation no matter how big you are in a certain geography.

Here’s an example of garnering an organic search by using a simple tactic of branding keywords:

Great Food Solutions - Redkite Digital Marketing Philippines


Great Food Solutions is the food service division of San Miguel Pure Foods Corporation, a gigantic food and beverage corporation in the Philippines.

The term “great food solutions” can be a generic term that can be used when users are looking for recipes and tips for good food. Anyone from around the world can look up this generic term and the first result will be:

Google Search Result - Redkite Digital Marketing Philippines

By using Great Food Solutions as a brand name for its food department, San Miguel Pure Foods Corporation is completely visible for its target consumers. Now they have the chance to be a prime choice of every user and it’s all made possible by simply embracing a broad but relevant keyword as their brand identity.

Corporation sites can drive clients away

Let’s admit it: corporation sites are not the most exciting things to look at. There are ones with stunning designs but with lousy SEO content, they can only do so much.

Corporation Sites - Redkite Digital Marketing Philippines

People tend to opt out of your site if they didn’t become interested under 8 seconds. But mixing good SEO with an eye-catching web layout and design can produce a booming corporation website. Aim to have an engaging SEO that will make you proud to put your site’s name on your business cards.

SEO for Corporations: The Techniques

Since corporations prefer other digital marketing channels, they tend to neglect SEO plans, believing that the company will produce revenue regardless of the way they market. But let us remember the main idea of this blog: the Internet is an unpredictable force that is soon to be the paramount avenue of marketing.

Here are SEO basics you can start applying—or read our blog about the purposes of SEO to help you gain a better understanding on the significance of digital marketing.

  • Generation of better pages and adding more interactive features like more downloadable content
  • Online competition analysis or examining if a certain company is a competition or not
  • Branding by using your company name as a keyword or integrating keywords as into branding
  • Being a more aggressive marketer despite your corporation’s already given the reach

Corporations, especially ones that are large enough to be an empire, still need good SEO as even business titans can’t survive the rapid evolution of the internet without one. Simply not doing SEO can slowly cripple your business in the long run.


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