We’re halfway through 2018 but the battle for digital marketing in the Philippines and the rest of the world is only starting to heat up. This year saw the continuous evolution of different digital marketing channels that every breed of digital marketers can use. One example is the social media that is now refurbished to be more user-centric with videos, stories, and influencers taking over the massive channel.

While this is good, we could argue that this year also produced a lot of noise in the digital marketing world. There seems to be a lot of channel innovations currently going on, making it hard to know where to focus our attention.

For now, let’s cancel the noise by slowly dialing the frequency to gain a clearer look at these channels that we should start listening to:

Coaches and Speakers

“Different strokes work for different folks” is true in digital marketing world. Channels work depending on the type of the content and the marketer itself. To start, we’re going to discuss first the best digital marketing channels for life coaches, motivational speakers, and anyone who faces a crowd of people.

Video streaming is still the dominant in this aspect. YouTube is widely used by speakers because it’s not only a very popular site, it also has features of live streaming and putting previously produced content that audience can watch and share that will help boost your prominence and gains. Instagram works too where speakers can put snippets of their speeches and link to other streaming sites where the full speech is.

Coaches and Speakers - Redkite Digital Marketing Philippines

Aside from these, coaches and speakers can also utilize inspirational images on social media. Still, it’s not the same as video streaming, where your entire speech and movement is visible to the audience where people can judge you unfairly and even cause damage to your digital marketing strategy.

Businesses and Corporations

Contrary to speakers, business and corporations do not need to be on people’s faces. Usually, they are identified as this large logo of texts and images. For this, digital marketing channels such as Facebook is still ideal but only for minor engagements such as interacting through posted content. The true digital marketing channel that a corporation should maximize on is Google, specifically its Google Display Network or the search engine’s solution to help you market your company through ads across different networks in the Internet.

Google Display Network - Redkite Digital Marketing Philippines

Improving your website on its design, layout, and mechanics is essential here. As well as working on SEO and performing remarketing which is the process of reconnecting to the past visitors of your websites. Google Adwords does remarketing where your company ads can be seen by your previous visitors/customers while reading blogs or watching videos. It’s not an annoying, in the face marketing instead it targets the subconscious which is the very digital marketing approach big businesses should aim for.

Small Companies

If you own a small to medium-sized business, you know that online presence is your lifeblood. Social media is still king for this year and investing more on your content marketing produces shareable material that your target audience can use. Of course, like giant corporations you should dream big and work big by using Google’s capabilities. Improve your SEO to make your website visible. If struggling with SEO, an SEO company should teach you ways of organic and effective SEO marketing.

Affiliate marketing is an underutilized digital marketing method that your small to medium company could benefit from. It’s simply the marketing of other company’s products or services where you can also gain profit and distinction.

Different Countries

Not every digital marketing channels mentioned above apply to all countries. In China, most of the popular websites and social media outlets are blocked to make way for the country’s homebrewed websites such as Baidu (an alternative for Google) and Youku (an alternative for YouTube).

Different Countries Digital Marketing - Redkite Digital Marketing Philippines

If you happen to be overseas and want to tap consumers from other countries, you might want to develop cross-cultural competency and learn about the laws of the country you are targeting. Adjusting your site’s language, colors, and loading speed can also aid in better connection. Localizing your content depending on the country and region is also essential.

If you haven’t noticed, most of the digital marketing channels featured here are ones that we’ve been using already with a few that are forgotten in the past. A newfound appreciation for these channels is important as it’s easy to be caught by new innovations that are only futile in the end.

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