If you’re not implementing brand conformity, then you might be losing more of your business than you think. Brand conformity is the practice of keeping everything uniform in your brand – right from the colors, to the themes, up to the messages that you use on your websites, social media accounts, and promotional ads.

On the one hand, if every detail in your brand is parallel and produces one pleasing brand identity when combined, then consumers will most likely trust your business because consistency reflects professionalism and business maturity.

On the other hand, if you haven’t realized it yet, it might be the perfect time for you to adopt brand conformity! Before you get the help of a trusted digital marketing company in the Philippines, here are some points you should know to prepare you for the task:

Benefits of Branding

Almost all businesses use brand conformity these days. Businessmen, like their own domain names and advertising teams, work hard in coming up with their own statements and visual identities. This is because branding is a way to communicate with your clients without spelling out everything about your business.

Branding can be conveyed verbally and non-verbally, most commonly in names, logos, slogans, and overall visual frameworks. You can easily find it in the establishments or the products of the businesses. Still, every businessman should know that branding extends beyond tangible elements. It could also be shown through the operation of the company – how employees treat customers and investors, where they are located, and how culture works within the organization. These are all very important to make an effective branding.


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Then again, if they’re not congruent with each other, the business will take the toll. You can’t serve food that taste differently depending on the branch because people will be confused on what you really want your product to be. If not regulated over time, people will think that you don’t give importance on your services and products. Consistency is how you create credibility.

Maintaining Brand Conformity

There are many approaches to standardize branding and make sure it’s aligned throughout. Below are some strategies you can use starting today:

Make Visuals Even

Surely when you start a business, you probably already have certain colors, fonts, and designs in mind. Once you’ve finalized your choices, stick to them, especially when doing ads. While colors and texts are some of the best elements to use to associate your brand on a certain product, there are psychological effects behind them that you must know so you could choose which will best suit your business.

Take a good look at the For Dummies, a series of instructional books which cover a wide range of topics. Black and yellow are the main colors used throughout the series and it’s easy to think about them once you see the color combination.

Furthermore, don’t forget to fill every gap in your social media profiles – from the cover photo to the display picture you use for the company’s email.


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Have a Distinct Tone

You can’t be overly playful with your social media posts today if you were posting as a hardened, no-nonsense business outlet yesterday. Remember that both tones have their places and you can’t recklessly shift from one to another if you’re aiming for a particular style for your social media marketing. Keep your tone coherent in your slogans, hashtags, blog posts, and even in the contents of your website. Ensure that they all mirror your company’s mission and vision.

Optimize Emails

Besides email marketing, businesspeople should also focus on improving their email addresses and email signatures. Make the most of your own domains and be creative and concise when writing your addresses. Employees should have uniform email signatures which should include the correct details of the company’s location, contact numbers, and overall branding.

Live Up to Your Brand’s Promise

It’s easy to sustain brand conformity digitally but it’s challenging to be consistent on your brand personally. Enlighten everyone in your business about the importance of upholding the company’s virtues. You can even invest on top-tier training to ensure that your product is perceived the way you want it to be.

Your product’s presentation is also essential. For example, a handmade cosmetics company called Lush stays true to its principle that everything should be organic by fully displaying their soap products in raw form, which will only be wrapped once purchased. They also make it apparent through their labels and campaigns that they don’t use animal testing for their products. Take note that branding speaks more through actions and actual production rather than graphics and statements.


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Importance of Improvement

The business industry is fast changing and you must catch up to stay in line. While it’s essential that everything in your business conforms to your brand, you should always be open to change because it always brings new lessons which are vital to the improvement of your marketing strategies.

Get in touch with a digital marketing company in the Philippines today for your brand conformity needs!