When we said that the digital marketing industry is rapidly evolving, we weren’t kidding. Today, platforms and landscapes for consumer brands are constantly changing with newer and newer demands in every beat. And even elements of digital marketing such as SEO are continuously and consistently changing.


Now if you are going to look at it, these evolutions are not always a good thing as there are many recent developments that caused only stagnancy and dizzying problems for digital marketers. If you are a brand using digital marketing that is thriving for fast consumption, you should know that some of these changes are challenges to get the returns that will keep the business rolling. We address some of these digital challenges in this post.


Competition is tighter

New brands seem to have been popping out of nowhere and it always feels like they have better services and better strategies. While not new, Amazon is a colossal example of this point. If you are a retail business for handmade clothes, there will always be the threat of Amazon looming by. Yes, you can have an e-commerce site for yourself where you can sell your products but Amazon will always be a popular choice for many consumers. Some major reasons for this are Amazon’s wide product catalog, it is a sprawling hub from the most obscure products to the most-searched. They have everything. Another reason for this is their different pricing options which are too titillating for consumers to resist.


Of course, there are other local competitors that could take away the thunder from you. With this, it really is important that you give focus to your local SEO – as an SEO Company, we offer free consultations.


Still, it is not impossible to defy the odds against giant brands and local competitors. With the help of a reputable digital marketing company in the Philippines, you can come up with strategies to elevate your business’ digital endeavors.


Brands don’t really recognize digital marketing

For many consumer brands, especially ones that have been in the business for decades, traditional marketing is always the first strategy to go for. They are unaware that digital marketing is as vital as putting up billboards and posters for people to see as consumers actually spend more time looking things up online than offline. According to Forbes, an average of 4,000 ads are seen by people digitally every day.


Now, a lot of businesses who have been stuck to traditional marketing for years now will have a hard time transitioning to digital marketing especially now that the landscape has changed massively. If you want to be in the cream of the crop, you need to step up and actually accept that aside from traditional marketing, digital marketing is the way of the world now.


Loyalty to the brand doesn’t matter much these days

Coca-Cola, Samsung, Apple, McDonald’s. These are only some of the most famous brands in the world which products you don’t need to take a second look when you pick them out for consumption. The major driving force of this cause is that these brands have already secured the loyalty of its consumers through customer satisfaction that had been built up over the years. Many brand names have already been synonymous with the product itself. To illustrate, you wouldn’t think detergent without thinking of Tide.


Having said that, there are many companies who had lost business, at least in the form of physical stores, even though their brands are still well-known and still largely consumed. In the past years, we have seen standard brands such as Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch, JC Penney, Kmart, and Toys “R” Us closing down the majority or all of their retail stores. This is because people had moved on to the digital ways of procuring products and services and the mentioned stores are either victims of the changing industry or had failed to live up with the new norms. And so, while recognition for the product can still exist, people would drop their loyalty in exchange for what is more convenient for them. This is one of the most frustrating digital challenges facing consumer brands.


Social media is already muddled up

One of the most essential factors in digital marketing is social media and you can see the rise of consumer brands utilizing its every nook and cranny just to effectively build up brand identity and form personal connections to potential customers. The only problem is that social media is already filled up on its lid. Currently, it is brimming with businesses trying to penetrate the hierarchy of who’s trending and for a small business with little-to-no digital marketing ventures, this is quite a mountain to conquer.


To stand out from the noise of social media, you really need to come up with a marketing design that is groundbreaking, engaging, and long-lasting. A reflection of what is happening to the industry of consumer brands now: if you are too slow up to catch up, you will fall behind.


It is undeniable that businesses are now embracing digital ways more and more. While these digital challenges can be cumbersome, they sure also are educational. The process for us to fully understand it might take a while but it should be worthwhile in the end.