The year 2018 went by real fast but it’s undeniably filled with great marketing trends—and achievements that paved way for an even more exciting new year for digital marketing. And since we’re talking about the past year and the passage of time for digital marketing, why don’t we learn more about the remarkable digital marketing stats? Plus the developments that defined 2018 and the top marketing networks that will provide the best shell life for pieces of content that you will churn out! You wouldn’t have to worry about them being outdated once another new year comes!

Which network has the longest life for a piece of content? Find out with this blog.

The digital marketing statistics of 2018

It’s important to learn digital marketing stats of the past year so you would know what is striving and what networks you can focus on. This will also give you the leverage to determine how to adjust your content theme and schedule.

With this, here is a rundown of the marketing stats of different networks in the past year and the previous years that you need to know this 2018:


As usual, Google was the prime reason for organic search in the cyber world. According to Web Presence Solutions, 94% of organic traffic was caused by the search engine giant. On the other hand, information from Martech showed that 70 to 80% of users still prefer organic results during search.

For local SEO in 2018, Junto found out that 72% of users quickly visited the store available within five miles after doing a search about them. Also according to the company, 88% of consumers online trust reviews they see about the company during a Google search.

In short, people are still pretty much engaged in SEO and Google remains the prime conductor of the entire system.

Social Media

Social media is also one of the biggest avenues of digital marketing the past year as evident from the trends that rocked not just the online world but also the real life.

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According to a study, there were 1.45 billion Facebook users last March 2018, an upsurge from the same time in the year 2017. There was also an increase in revenue. Facebook hauled $11.8 billion in only the first quarter of 2018, an obvious increase from the $7.9 billion last year. Of course, people continues to be engaged in the social media king and marketers have been taking this advantage. Around 3 million businesses used Facebook for marketing last year.

Instagram also saw a boom in their business side of things. According to Instagram, Out of their 800 million subscribers, there were 25 million business profiles in them. A data from Forrester shows that engagement with businesses in Instagram rates 10 times higher than Facebook with 70% of the users search for a brand in Instagram to get a better look of the products and services they offer.

Twitter had 335 million users active monthly in the second quarter of 2018 and there’s a growth of 50% in their ad engagements than the previous year although there’s a decrease of 14% in their advertising cost per engagement in the third quarter of 2018.

This shows that aside from SEO, social media will help you hit the sweet spot in your potential consumers. People of this age had made social media a necessity and you need to be where they think is necessary for your brand to become essential.


According to Hubspot, websites who publish 16 blogs and more in their site per month has 3.5 times more engagement than those businesses who publish only one to four blogs per month. Search Engine People also said that blogs are the fifth most trusted source of information across the entire Internet.

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According to these digital marketing statistics, blogging stays relevant by raking in customers all while building reputation for your business.

Email Marketing

Email seems like a quiet industry due to its normalcy but the email marketing statistics in 2018 displays its ever outstanding prominence. According to a report by a research firm, there are 105 billion emails sent every day and they are projected to blow up to 246 million before 2020. Email marketing is also still a with B2B (business to business) marketing. Another data shows that email is the third most influential source of information for B2B users.

Life span of each digital marketing content depending on the network

Not all digital marketing content and the networks they appear in will strive for long. Blogs are a good example. Written content are created with the resources presently available and sooner or later, they will become inaccurate due to new advances.

When doing SEO, what you should be looking out for are the links as they can be dead once their destination changes or taken down altogether. The life span of links go up to six months.

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According to this information for social media, Facebook content has at least five hours of life span with the maximum impressions showing within two hours. Twitter content has very short life span, as the “tweeting” mechanism of the site advocates newer content every second thus life span of your tweet could only go for at least 18 minutes. Instagram, however, has even longer life span than the previous two amounting to 19 hours. Pinterest is also in the running for networks with the longest life span for a content. Pins can be rediscovered as if they are brand new again due to the way the website presents them.

Blogs, which are normally believed to only have 30 days of life expectancy, are now considered to have at least 720 days before it reaches its full impressions. That is close to two years! This is according to a study conducted by the marketing platform IZEA.

But really, which network has the longest life for a piece of content? In retrospect, all of these talk about life span are really just assumptions with only basis of experience. There really is no way of telling when a particular content will die out. You just need to learn how to extend them and keep them alive, hence the next section of this blog.

Extending the life span of your content

Just because you’ve put out content that looks like they will expire in under six months does not mean you should not go ahead with them. They key here is updating or repurposing them. Of course, before releasing a content, you will have to do some precise planning to make them last long as much as possible.

To breathe longevity to your content, here are some of the things that you can do:

Plan out your content

Many companies issue content that are only relevant for a few hours or even a day. One example are social media posts that are about a particular event. Yes, they might provide engagement and valuable information to users in the long run but even this can only be achieved if your content is well-calibrated. For this to happen, make sure you have a focused target audience, clear objectives of the information you want to show, and accurate resources to boot.

Be relevant but stay timeless

As stated in the previous point, there will come a time where you will need to provide a content solely for a particular event. Blog and social media content are notorious for this one. To make your content always relevant even though it’s about something that will only produce limited engagement, use language and format that will always be accepted.

Relevance and Timelessness - Redkite Digital Marketing

Plant enough seeds to help your repurposing

You can always repurpose your content. Take for example, blogs and social media posts and you can do this if you leave enough opportunities to do so.

When blogging, you can write lengthy but substantial content that provides a sliver of some unexplored topics that you can then use for a new blog while still referring to the old one. Social media posts can be re-shared and can be looked back through reflective posts. Ensure that your content can be updated and can be transformed into other mediums like infographics, podcasts, and more if needed.

Be proactive

Sometimes, business marketers get shy in promoting a certain content just because it’s out of its life span. If it can still influence and still applicable, do not be afraid to put it out there. Also, learn to engage with your consumers. If you receive a comment for a blog that is a couple years old, reply and engross them with a conversation. You can link them to new information or even a brand new blog for their convenience.

Learning about the marketing statistics in the digital world will provide you with a clear view of the networks where you can best put out your content and where you will be sure that they will last. To assist you with the digital marketing avenue, work with a digital marketing company in the Philippines that knows how to capitalize on life spans of content depending on its network!