How important is SEO, exactly?

Well, look at it this way.

Having an online business can be very rewarding, but is no easy task. There are a lot of important things you need to do such as market correctly, offer good service, and use social media intelligently.

However, perhaps one of the most important parts of the success of an online business is SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about getting your website to rank higher on search engines like Google and positively affecting your online visibility. So the answer to “how important is SEO?” is this: VERY IMPORTANT.

There are many different ways to optimize your site including making readable URLs, creating quality and original content, using keywords correctly and link building (check out this new article from Linkio for more on that).

On that note, this article is going to look at a couple different and specific reasons behind the importance of SEO to websites and businesses.

It Gets Your Website in Front of More Eyes

Your Website In Front - Redkite Digital Marketing

As you probably know, the ultimate goal of SEO is to get more people to see, visit, and hopefully convert on your site. Getting your site to show up in organic searches for certain terms is incredibly important, as there are well over 3 billion searches on Google every single day. The higher your rank, the higher the chance that more of these people visit your site and also gives you a level of credibility.  Without optimizing, you are likely to lose viewers to competitors who rank higher.

Good SEO = Good User Experience

How important is SEO to business and ecommerce websites? A lot.

In addition to relying on things like keywords and meta tags, the experience your users have has an impact on your SEO. Google has found a way to judge if the user experience of your site is high or low quality. So simply stuffing keywords or writing content solely for ranking purposes may not be enough any more. Your content needs to offer value to those reading it. As a result, if you try and improve your SEO, there is a good chance you are also increasing your user experience. Of course, it is impossible to oversell the importance of user experience to a website or company looking to succeed. The more happy your users are, the more likely they will turn into consumers of your products and/or services.

It is cost-effective

The importance of SEO goes beyond bringing you visitors–it also helps cut down costs.

Each form of online marketing will come with their own costs. The cost associated with running a PPC campaign, advertising on social media or purchasing leads can be large. On the other hand, using SEO to optimize your site is relatively cost effective. Also, costs for SEO should be seen more as an investment than a marketing cost as good SEO practices can be relevant for years. Sure, SEO might not give you the huge revenue bumps that PPC does or impact your image like social media does. However, what it will do is provide you with a cheap and proven way to attract more visitors and customers.

Gives you tons of insights about visitors

Visitor Insights - Redkite Digital Marketing

How important is SEO for visitor analysis? Not only does SEO increase your traffic, but it can also give you important insights about that traffic. This includes things like their demographics, how they found your site, how they search, where they’re from and more. This type of information has a lot of value as it can help you make much more informed business-related decisions. For example, knowing where people are from or who the average visitor is could dictate how you market or promote your product or service.

In conclusion, we hope that this article has been able to show you just how important SEO is to any website or business that operates online. For more information, you can work with a digital marketing company in the Philippines or anywhere you are! To ensure that your digital marketing especially about SEO is well-guided!