SEO? What is it and how can it help me?



Basically, SEO helps in bringing tons of visits to your website through search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Since we all know that Google is the most popular search engine in the world, we will use it as the featured search engine for this discussion.


 SEO in A Nutshell

First things first—let’s briefly discuss what SEO is. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a process wherein someone optimizes the pages in a website to conform to the guidelines and preferences of Google. By doing so, your webpages will be optimized, giving your website a huge chance to be in the #1 page results for certain keywords you want the site to rank for.


 How Does It Help My Site Rank?

Google makes money running ads on their search results, which means they need as many people as possible to use their search engine. If their search result pages give lousy results, then people won’t go back to Google.




Thus, the accuracy and relevancy of the search results they provide are very important to Google. They need to show only the best results out there organically, which refers to non-advertisement results.




For Google to show the best results, as well as the most validated results, their bots—known as Googlebots—crawl all the information in a webpage and do the following:

  1. Index webpages – Read and store them
  2. Sort webpages – Sort the good ones from the rest
  3. Rank webpages – Give them a rank from the #1 spot to nth spot
  4. Display webpages in order of quality (as per Google’s algorithm’s standard)



What Else Can SEO Do?

Now that we are done on what and how SEO works, let’s look at the other cool things that will happen to your site after a good SEO site audit and webpage optimization.

Quality of Website to Users

Optimizing a website includes creating informative and optimized webpage contents, like on-page blogs and easy-loading images. Optimized sites are more often the more organized and creative ones, giving website visitors an excellent user experience. Directly or indirectly, SEO efforts increase things like readability, content mashup (i.e. using text, videos, images), and loading speeds.


Organic Traffic from Google

Optimizing your site and marketing your website in directories and other websites gets you rankings. These rankings especially when you get to Page 1, gets clicks from potential buyers.


 The Right Kind of Visits

People on Google are searching for products, services, solution, information, and more. If your website is optimized, Google will be able to categorize you easily, showing your site to relevant searches. As a result, you won’t get irrelevant visits. All the visits you will get would be of high quality, which means the visitors are 100% interested in a topic or query related with your website.


 Professional-Looking Website

Sites that are optimized look amazing because they have been tuned so much to appeal to customers. Visitor experience is extremely important in SEO, even in simple local digital marketing campaigns, as it is also a ranking factor. SEO ensures that a website is organized, thought of, and professional, through comprehensive and responsive web design that’s optimized for the target audience.


 Regular Updates

Content creation, as well as regular page and content updates, will make your site alive and active. The site will look open for business like a brilliantly well-lit and organized Gap or Guess store. It won’t look like a zombie waiting for someone to come its way.


Referral Visits from Link Building and Content Marketing

One of the most important things we do after the pages are in order and conform to the guidelines of Google is going out and marketing your webpages and content to other websites. We call this link building and content marketing. This is when SEO and social media connect.




Competitive Website and Business

If your website won’t appear as one of the results when a related search term for your business was entered in the search engine, guess where the searchers are going? Yup, the competitor! Know more about this through our blog If You Are Not Doing SEO, You Are Losing Business. PERIOD!



Dynamic and Adaptive Business Structure

When you are continuously striving to preserve your ranks, you are 100% required to conform to newer systems of Google (case in point: the inclusion of local business results in Google maps went down from a seven pack to a measly three snack pack)


and social behavior of customers (case in point: Facebook advertising = more Facebook followers = more human interaction with your brand = social signals = Google Ranks go up).




In the end it’s about revenue. It’s about stability, relationships, and things you want to do.



Hopefully we can see the many benefits and purposes of SEO.  Don’t overthink it. Don’t be in analysis paralysis. Get ready to act and never stop being awesome! Remember that you can ask us for help in this area.


We’ve been doing SEO for over a decade. Take advantage of our free SEO audit and other digital marketing offers we have here in the Philippines!