SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay-per-click) are always different things but they both reap great benefits for your business. SEO’s purposes is more inclined to building an audience and making your company known online through organic means while PPC, as evident from its name, is a form of marketing where the company pays a publisher every time an ad gets clicked. This ad goes to the target business website.

You’re probably on this post because you are wondering if SEO and PPC can be combined. Yes, they could be combined although through ways unlike what you think. They are, after all, separate disciplines. But when you discover ways to let them feed off each other, you’ll be hitting the goldmine in your digital marketing! Proceed with this article for further insights.

Why should you combine SEO and PPC?

SEO and PPC have the same goal: to attract potential customers to your website.

One of the very remarkable things you could get for integrating SEO and PPC is that you’ll be able to cover both the organic and paid sections of your entire digital marketing structure simultaneously and even more harmonious. This will make certainly make your marketing life even easier. For example, you wouldn’t have to go and come up with another keyword for PPC as you might already have something that is working for your organic SEO. You’ll also fare better on determining if you’re targeting the right keywords and or what other digital marketing means could work for both.

Combining SEO and PPC - Redkite Digital Marketing

In short, collaborating SEO and PPC makes your work for the organic and paid field even better than what might’ve been before. And you actually spend less.

Another gleaming benefit of having SEO and PPC working side by side is you let your brand even more visible. Of course, SEO is truly a powerful means to boost your brand exposure but couple it with ads and awareness of your business will skyrocket and it will also improve customer trust and conversions.

Having SEO and PPC also helps you get better control of customer purchase. Having roped in a customer inside your website does not mean guaranteed acquisition of your products and services.

Sometimes you need PPC to influence them either subtly or consciously them to really go ahead and engage with your business. An ad right after they bounce out of your site could pave way for them getting back in.

How to actually combine SEO and PPC?

So, how do you exactly makes SEO and PPC work together? The following are some recommended methods with some you might have been executing without the knowledge that you are actually combining SEO and PPC.

Use data from each other

PPC lets you know quickly which type of keyword and content is an easy sell for consumers. And then you can apply this for your organic strategies. On the other hand, SEO also gives you a full set of keywords that works wonderfully for your business which you can then use for your PPC as good keywords available for PPC are not exactly inexpensive. Now with both sides working for you, you can gather helpful data to keep the ball rolling and to land top search results.


Like we’ve talked about above, remarketing is one way to get your customers back to availing your products and services or to convince them to finally grab that the deal you are offering. SEO had already done its job before remarketing so it’s PPC’s main responsibility to draw patrons back to your website. With the aid of Google Ads, you can set up advertisements that would follow the said customer around (this could be activated through cookies).

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Online shopping sites like Lazada are known to use this method and they do it efficiently. They do not just offer what the customer has typed into the search bar but they also show other potential buys that might be better for the customer. Lazada is a large conglomerate that uses flexible bid strategies from Google Ads for automatic bids so they can obtain enhanced cost-per-click and the target search page location they want.

Treat SEO as a support and a major player

Organic solutions like SEO are certainly more cost-effective than PPC and is a definite choice for those only starting a business who wants sizable growth and those who are not willing to engage on paid campaigns. With this notion given, we could justify that any who uses digital marketing is very much familiar with SEO. And when you finally use PPC, you’ll realize how more important is it is than paid marketing.

SEO actually holds PPC together. When you do paid click advertising, you already know the basics of SEO thus you apply the things you’ve learned from it such as finding not only the best keyword but also the most reasonable for your business. SEO also takes care of PPC’s endgame. When you click on ad, you are taken to the website or more specifically, the landing page. And landing pages have content in them and content needs to be optimized through meta tags, keywords, links, and more which are all elements of SEO.

SEO Support and Major Player - Redkite Digital Marketing

You guess it, right. SEO and PPC have always been bumping heads. Now that you are aware of their connection, you could approach the two of them better whether together or as a sole component in your entire digital marketing plan.

What are the questions to ask yourself?

If you are not doing it yet, fully combining SEO and PPC will require a revamping of your digital marketing strategies. Don’t worry, though, as it’s not something drastic to ultimately disrupt your team’s workflow. Still, it’s best to know what you need before taking it on and whether or not you are ready for it.

To help you, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I understand SEO and PPC well as their own and as separately?
  • Is my SEO and PPC team ready for collaboration?
  • Am I willing or prepared to spend for PPC?
  • What is my definitive goal?
  • What does long term success look like for me?
  • Am I ready to be more competitive?

SEO and PPC are two of the many pillars of digital marketing. You’ve heard and read about them and might have even practicing them but what you could be not aware of is that you can syndicate their prowess to make even effective digital marketing strategies.

With that in mind, if you are ready to take on newer digital marketing strategies, be sure to have a digital marketing company in the Philippines to be working with you to ensure that your team’s transition to combining SEO and PPC becomes a worthy endeavor! It’s not SEO versus. PPC anymore, it’s SEO with PPC now.