Getting into a business will always be some sort of a gamble—a gamble that requires extensive preparation, hard work, and the will to rise up from setbacks. There are a lot of booming businesses in the Philippines—industries that are seeing a rise over the years. However, only a select few of businessmen and their businesses survive. It is common to see a newly-built business then see it gone in just a few months or even weeks! This is because business is hard, especially in the Philippines with its frustrating economy and insufficient knowledge about different types of marketing such as digital marketing.

Here are some of the top businesses (a few of them are some of the best businesses in the Philippines) that are currently enjoying prominence in the country. Would you follow suit or would these inspire you to establish an innovative business that will be tagged as the next thing to watch out for?

Online freelancing

These days, acquiring project-based jobs are easier through the Internet. There are online hubs like and where people can post classified ads and where freelancers can apply for them. Popular online freelancing jobs include graphic design, content writing, copywriting, virtual assistance, and more.

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Now, people won’t have to leave their homes to earn money. With the advancing technology and more progressive mindsets today, it is not surprising that online freelancing is such a hit. If you are a businessman who needs certain projects to be accomplished, you can count on getting workforce through an online freelancing business.

Laundry shops

Before, laundry shops seem to be something you will never see along the streets of the Philippines but now, everywhere you turn you’ll see brightly lit ones with spinning machines all at operation. As we’ve said, Filipinos are changing their mindsets—they are now more open to things unembraced before. Plus, laundry shops are really low-cost and convenient especially for people living in the city. If you have affinity for cleaning clothes or just want a business that is cheap and very in-demand, you should consider a laundry business.

Online stores

One of the mediums of ecommerce, online stores have the same principle as real life stores: people purchase goods from you but inquiry and eventual payment are the only things that differ. This is far by the easiest venture to get to as you can sell anytime you want and anywhere online. The only challenge is to be a well-known supplier in the field. The aid of digital marketing in the Philippines is essential with this matter as digital marketing will help make your brand known and make everything organized for you and your customers’ benefit.

Food park business

Food cart businesses have evolved in the form of food parks and have become some of the most in-demand business in the Philippines. Before, you will see food concessionaires all distant from each other, but now there are compounds where all of them are enclosed, offering different flavors. For a food park business, you can be the mogul that will raise the establishment to look for renters or you can be the provider of food yourself.

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Food parks are also known for being a trendy spot, so a creative and emotional advertising is at order and you can maximize it through digital marketing strategies like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social media marketing.

Event planning

While this industry has been around for a long time it is only these days that event planning are seen as something that is totally sought-after. Modern individuals have taken a liking to hold events as monumental as before, pressing onto standings in the real world and social media. Event planners are usually in demand in the metros so if you are hoping to be noticed in the thick throng of rising event planners, you will need to make a mark real life and online.

Photo and video coverage

When events are held, photo and video coverage are always expected. These days, you can already start with this business with a decent amount of knowledge about photography and filmmaking and the right and enough equipment. You can always improve in techniques and resources so do not be afraid to try out in this field of work. Since digital outputs are your main selling point, it is also customary to utilize digital ways of marketing.


Yes, blogging is still relevant and can be a business when you do it professionally. Through ads in the blog space, bloggers can earn revenue just with a handful of characters. It depends but through the use of Google AdSense, you can take in hundred dollars per blog. Of course, this is measured through clicks and page views and is dependent on ad placement and the content that goes with it.

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Aside from the quick money you can earn even without being in front of the screen (though trying to monetize is a difficult process), blogging also gives you the chance to earn doing something you love and have complete authority of your business. You can take your blog to whatever direction you want to as the content are your own research, your own thoughts, and generally your own take on matters. Speaking of this, make sure that you have an innate passion with writing and content creation as it will show with the blog posts that you will be offering. More than anything else, they should be informative and entertaining. Those are the elements that will retain visitors and in return will help you profit.

Booming businesses in the Philippines and across the globe have taken a different face these days. Most are manageable to be built from the ground up and most can be managed by a single person. One thing you should know, however, is businesses can only go so far without digital marketing which is the norm for modern businesses these days. It is not enough that you are going for a thriving business, you will also need a thriving mode of marketing to go along with it.


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