Apparently, it’s still a thing for business people to work on their own Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because they firmly believe that it’s very easy to manage. But this isn’t the real case because so much technical skills are needed to run and maintain SEO. This is why practical and smart companies outsource SEO from credible SEO outsourcing companies.

Search engines are moving and are resilient targets, so it’s best to leave this matter in the hands of those who live and breathe SEO daily.

There are three types of SEO outsourcing that generally happen in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia:
• Locally (within a city or town)
• Nationally (within the country like US/UK/Australia)
• Offshoring (to English speaking countries like the Philippines)

To help you gain a wider understanding of SEO outsourcing, here are some factors you should consider for each type of outsourcing:


It can be tempting to outsource SEO locally because it seems to be the most ideal and practical route, but you should know that it poses a certain threat.

Deciding this way without discovering other ways to outsource means that the decision is made very irrationally because SEO is almost 100 percent a digital job that can be done remotely (i.e. anywhere in the world).

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Why hire the town’s best who competes only with the townspeople, when you can hire someone who’s known to win in an international level for the same price?

This popular question has always been put forth in favor of local SEO providers by SEO seekers.

Customer to non-local SEO company: “But you don’t know the local scene here, so how can you do SEO for me?”

Non-local SEO company: “We’ll be competing digitally. I have all the keywords we need you to rank for. I don’t need to be there physically at your store or business—we only need to be in front of our computers and the internet, not at your business. Being there physically doesn’t guarantee anything in SEO at all.”


Searching nationally for an SEO provider is the next best choice for your business. There wouldn’t be any language or cultural barriers compared to offshoring, would there?

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If you have the budget to spend, outsourcing to a national SEO company is advisable. However, a wise business owner knows that the SEO landscape always changes. Resources will need to be saved for technological changes and shifts for the evolving days to come.

Saving expenses month in and out is a sure form of business security. Why spend 200 percent more on SEO monthly when you can get the same results by offshoring your SEO?


The reason why outsourcing SEO to English-speaking nations like the Philippines is popular is because the budget that they allocate for SEO has more Return on Investment (ROI). While the cost of SEO is drastically cheaper, anyone who has ever done SEO understands that money isn’t the most important factor—it’s purely results.

If the same results can be acquired through less spending, then it makes pure business sense.

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What Will Redkite Do For You?

Communicating with people from different parts of the world with different cultures can be stressful. If not handled well, miscommunication can arise and that can badly affect the business you’ve been trying so hard to build.

At Redkite Digital Marketing, we make sure that our communication with our client is loud and clear. When you choose to outsource SEO with us, you’ll be working with a group of individuals who are skilled, flexible, and knowledgeable on how to handle clients regardless of race, culture, place of origin, and type of business.

To keep the ball rolling, Redkite’s project managers and SEO experts will get in touch with you to talk about your preferred SEO plans through phone calls, traditional chats, video chats, and emails. For your convenience, you can also contact the team on your own accord.

Redkite offers digital marketing in the Philippines packed with SEO solutions that are optimized by a team of professionals that holds no language and cultural barriers! Definite factors to cultivate sweet and fruitful results of SEO!

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