You might not be realizing it but marketing is all around us and most of the time it targets our subconscious in order to be effective. Truthfully, the best marketing is the one that doesn’t feel like one.

Yeah, we understand that you might still lack the skills and experience to target subconscious levels and has no choice but to resort into obvious digital marketing strategies. But one thing you should know that while digital marketing takes a lot of work, it only needs a simple but powerful concept to start rolling.

Today we’ll be teaching you the basics of digital marketing to help you transition into the real deal since digital marketing in the Philippines is on an obvious upsurge. Consider this as a CliffsNotes version but we’ll try to keep it as detailed and as comprehensive as possible!

To start off, we’ll be looking at the history of digital marketing and no, digital marketing is not something that started in the early 2000s.

It actually goes a long way back.

Sounds interesting?

Read below.

History of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing started its rise to prominence due to different companies innovating solutions. IBM (International Business Machines) launched the first personal computer in 1981 and databases for customer management (also known as marketing automation) started sprouting with ACT one of the pioneers of the cause. With the technological innovation and a new outlook to business approach, digital marketing is born. By mid 90s to early 200s, several search engines are already live and online business transactions are becoming the norm.

History of Digital Marketing - Redkite Digital Marketing Philippines

At the turn of the new century, digital marketing is one of the prime reasons why the cyberspace exists. People have become dependent on digital means to avail and provide service and companies like Google had developed Internet solutions to help digital marketers give the best to their clients. According to a new report, money spent in native marketing in the digital world will reach $21 billion this year but this still remains to be seen.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Like traditional marketing, digital marketing encompasses advantages of making your brand known and get ROIs (return of investments) that your business is aiming for. This is a given benefit but using digital marketing actually entails more benefits than you could imagine such as:

• Knowing the audience and creating your content based on their needs
• Being able to measure metrics and standings more accurately than traditional marketing
• Marketing is more convenient as you can market anywhere with the use of mobile
• Digital marketing continues to develop and be strong as years go by
• You have unlimited ways to market

But the very best thing about this is that you can get all this on a cost-effective way. There are unlimited spaces in the World Wide Web that you can maximize and all you need to fill them are computers, a stable Internet connection, and flexible minds ready to come up and execute the best digital marketing ideas possible.

Different Facets of Digital Marketing

There are several avenues that you can use when engaging on digital marketing that you can use depending your preferences and needs:


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is synonymous with digital marketing itself as you cannot do it without it. It’s basically a wide-ranging system of functions and actions that make your site prominent in the web. For example, SEO uses keywords in website pages to lure in people who’ve searched for the certain product or service. This is to create organic traffic. Links, language, and content are also some elements in SEO that can be utilized to capture unpaid search engine push.


Those annoying emails from strangers promoting their business is one form of digital marketing but we want you to know it doesn’t have to be that annoying. Email marketing is actually an old way to market your business but it remains relevant as ever. People still use email. According to a recent study, 281 billion emails per day are estimated to be sent in 2018.

As to not sound “spammy” when doing digital marketing, you need to personalize your email and actually put interesting business promotions instead of just doing it for quota. Build rapport and entice your recipient by using engaging words and images.

Social Media

The world of digital marketing was rocked when social media started showing its potency to be the next big thing in the Internet and it sure proved itself. In 2018, there are 3.3 billion social media users worldwide and according to Hubspot, selling in social media makes up half of the revenue of industries like healthcare, advertising, and software. With social media, digital marketing was made more convenient but also more challenging.

Email Marketing - Redkite Digital Marketing Philippines

Social media marketing will encourage you to come up with posts that are engaging and you will also have the chance to interact with your customers in real time. Like traditional marketing, customer satisfaction is an essential thing in digital marketing. This is why most of the business posts you see from companies in social media are made to empathize with clients while offering them the products they need. According to Smart Insights and Clutch, the three most engaging modes of content in social media are written articles garnering 27%, videos with 26%, and images with 24%. It’s best to focus on these elements.


They say content is king and this is true and will always be true. Content is what you read, what you see, and what you interact in websites or social media channels. They shouldn’t be treated as a filler but rather a powerful force for your digital marketing plan. Aside from making actually good content, you need to optimize them by adding keywords, making sure links are directed properly and accurately, and ensuring your site loads fast and is fit for mobile. Based on a survey from Demand Gen Report in 2016, 47% of clients looked at content first before connecting a sales representative for a purchase.

Starting Digital Marketing for yourself

It’s 2018!

It’s high time that you try digital marketing for yourself. Even a small start-up can maximize digital marketing to its benefit. And since our society is plugged it’s only natural that you do the same. Take the risk.

If you are planning to take on digital marketing, you are already doing something right by reading this.


Because it’s important to educate yourself. Digital marketing is a resilient industry and it continues to innovate itself day by day but if you have the foundation of knowing the basics then you can easily adapt to its unpredictable behavior.

Digital Marketing for Yourself - Redkite Digital Marketing Philippines

Once you know what’s up in digital marketing. You can start prepping your business, particularly your products and services, for promotion as you need to ensure you’ll have something effective to offer aside from aromatic brand identity.

And by reading this, we understand that you might be struggling with what to do and how to start with your digital marketing strategy. You are not alone! From a report by Smart Insights, 49% of organizations have no concrete digital marketing strategy.

This is the moment to start digital marketing seamlessly and straight to when users least expect it!


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