As a digital marketer, you might already have a rough idea of what a well-timed content is all about. You write content according to a certain event or occasion, you schedule your social media posts so it could correlate to the day it was supposed to be released, and you swoop into customer’s conversations in comments when they are still fresh.


A well-timed content is important when it comes to marketing as your target audience are not always there and not everyone who is there will be fond of your content at the time.


Delivering delicious content at the right time can be beneficial and momentous for your business. It is high time that you capitalize on it now with the many options offered by the web and social media.


Knowing your channels for a well-timed content

First off, you need to identify the channels with the longest life spans that you will use to distribute your well-timed content. There is of course, your website, sites that accept content, and social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.


Despite what you might think, content is not bound to blog or other written content (though one way or another this will always be included). Content can also be images, videos, or a combination of all these elements.


If you will post in your own blog or anywhere in your website, you have unlimited amount of freedom on when and how your post will come out as viewers will not be instantaneous. Still, it should be your own requirement to know if your post is relevant and not only for the certain time.

Knowing your channels - Redkite Digital Marketing

While you can have content that is adhering to only an event, it still is best to make your blog or whatever type of content to be long lasting. Posts on your website can stay relevant as much as long as your permit it.


Social media channels like Facebook and Instagram will also give you the liberty to post your content whenever you like. However, these channels are in the trappings of the users that make it thrive.


And this is exactly why it is a perfect channel to have your content on. Social networking sites always have people on them and it is your job to produce well-timed content to catch their attention.


Determining the time

Seasonal content are essential to any business that is doing digital marketing. These kinds of posts give your company the emotional connection between its targeted clients. Having said that, to know the time where you will publish your content, you need to listen to your audience. This is through looking at your analytics and scouring through reactions on your previously published content.


Now when is the right time for your content marketing campaigns depending on the channel?


According to a study by HubSpot, people go through social networking sites differently and there is no concrete timestamp of the optimum period to publish content.


Still they have provided the times where there is high engagement on each site. It is best to post in Facebook and Twitter starting at 9 AM while engagement is high at around 5 PM in Instagram. You can also look at the built-in analytic systems of these sites.

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If you are posting on your website, it is recommended to post almost every day, if you can, and during the peak hours when people are most likely actively reading. Of course, you need to watch out for time zones if you are looking to pinpoint a specific location.


As previously established, these are not concrete and can change depending on several factors so what is best here is just to listen and to monitor activity of your target audience for a more effective content marketing campaigns.


Good content, first

A well-timed content is not only determined by the right day or right circumstance of when it is released but also by its actual content. Providing informative, helpful, emotional, and enjoyable material to your demographic should still be the leading factor.


A good content still matters more than the time you are going to post it. Still, it will not harm you to be smart when it comes to this kind of marketing. Content is an extension of your products and services and anything that comes out senseless and irrelevant will only affect your business potentials.


Make sure that you have well-timed content by publishing relevant content on peak hours of the particular event or holiday. For example, you are thinking about publishing a celebratory post of an actor winning an Oscar. Ensure you are in the sweet spot by releasing the post right after or a few minutes after the actor won.

Good content, first - Redkite Digital Marketing

If you are only doing a day-by-day posting, be mindful of the time that you are releasing content as we have already established earlier.


To make better well-timed content, you can work with a digital marketing company in the Philippines that knows how to navigate postings and will provide you a step-by-step planning depending on the needs of your company. When you are practicing content marketing campaigns, know that every second counts!