Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo had taken the world by storm due to the bright, whimsical, and practical cleaning and organizing solutions she offers. First gained prominence through her books about the subject matter which by the way sold a million copies, she further cemented her status through the Netflix show titled Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Now you might be asking, what relation does Marie Kondo have with how to do digital marketing?


A lot actually. While Kondo focuses on organizing things in offices and houses, her principles can be applied very well to how to approach digital marketing. Read on for more.


The KonMari Method

Marie Kondo uses the self-coined KonMari Method and according to it, the first thing you need to know about decluttering is that you should focus on categories, not the rooms and these categories are the clothes, books, paper, miscellaneous items, and the ones with sentimental value. Relating to digital marketing, you should sort of what you will declutter through whatever you find meaning you do not have to go per digital marketing channel to do the job.


Does it spark joy?


This is her major catchphrase and also the core of her decluttering solutions which you could also ask yourself as a digital marketer. Is the way you do things on your digital marketing endeavors still makes you feel proud, contended, and happy? If you are doing too much on a certain digital marketing strategy and there does not seem to be any results then it might be time to lay that off. For example, your planned year-long blog series is not gaining any traction and you have exhausted all your effort to maintain them but what they only do is bog down your other blogs to oblivion and take time from other stratagems you could have done.

Marie Kondo - Wikipedia Commons

If we are being honest here, Marie Kondo’s method of decluttering is not something you haven’t seen before. The thing is, she injects such sunny disposition and actually makes you emotionally invested (one great tip for marketers!) to make you actually clean-up and declutter.


Again, relating to digital marketing, you should declutter your digital marketing means with positivity. As Marie Kondo, you should love the mess because as through rummaging, sorting, and tossing away what you don’t need anymore will unearth digital marketing purposes that you have long forgotten.


Applying KonMari to Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can be messy. You always have to think about the digital marketing strategies you could utilize, the data that you need to evaluate, and the website and the content marketing you need to maintain. It’s crazy.


Now we will try to make things lighter through digital marketing decluttering strategies inspired by Marie Kondo’s style.


First thing to do is to look at your digital marketing in a macro view. You need to visualize all of the types of digital marketing you run, from webpage you had built up, the content (blogs, emails, videos, etc.) that you published through your website or your social media, and to all the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts you have established such as keywords and even paid advertisements.

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From there, start to evaluate what you will keep and what you will not based on what is useful anymore and what makes things easier for you. Go through your website pages and rifle through pages then ask yourself, “Does this spark joy?” If it does not, tag it as one of the things you will be throwing away. Similarly, scroll through your Facebook newsfeed and look at the posts and once again ask yourself, “Does this spark joy?” If the content is outdated and irrelevant then maybe it is time to unpublish or ultimately delete them. Take note that as Marie Kondo’s method, you do not need to purely go through a digital marketing channel at a time. Whatever you get your hands on, do the declutter!


As you carry on with it, you will come to a point where the decision will be excruciatingly difficult. You might have a particular article with a subject matter that is close to your heart and something you had toiled through just to make it well-researched and well-optimized. However, it is not getting engagement. Another thing the Marie Kondo method employs is treating your items as if they are sentient. With this concept, a certain blog might not be too pleased that no one is reading it and might prefer to just be removed. Same goes for the channel it is put on. The website where it is placed might not be comfortable with bagging content that is not gaining anything for you. They are a burden and should be taken out.

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Once you are done cleaning up, you will notice that your digital marketing had regained its purpose: it once again found its supposed audience, it became straightforward, and had made room for you to reinvent what is your entire digital marketing strategy. Lean and spick and span, ready for better digital marketing plans.


Sometimes, all you need to do is sit and down look at your entire digital marketing strategy and from there make what could be some of the painful decisions on what to keep and what to get rid of. It can be hard to let go and start anew for your digital marketing but trust us (and Marie Kondo) that eventually it will spark joy!


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