High Quality Custom Websites

If you don’t want to settle with just a simple web presence and you desire to have a website that’s tailored precisely towards your business, then a custom-made website design may just be the right choice for you!

A website that is truly “yours”

One way for your business to thrive in the world of online marketing is by having a distinctive website that highlights business branding.

Of course, the aim is for your existing customers and other visitors to actually remember your site. To achieve this, your page has to stand out from the crowd. When you use a custom-designed website, you’ll be able to have complete control over the aspect of uniqueness that no template website can offer.

A custom CMS for your custom-made website

Here at Redkite, we have our own content management system (CMS) called Webaflex; which caters to all business-types! Whether it’s a booking website that you require, a Real Estate webpage, or a personally-owned professional website, the Webaflex CMS has a full customization capability that can be tailored based on your specific business needs. It has a rich editor that allows users to change and manage dynamic content easily and hassle free.

If your services falls within the Real Estate category, our CMS can give you the option to moderate the different properties which you sell. This starts from the uploading of images, up to setting the correct categories, prices and even providing maps that can ensure an ultimate user-friendly experience for all your potential clients.

Lead management is probably the most important part of a website – especially if it’s being used as a marketing tool to help land a sale or acquire new business prospects. Webaflex makes it a point to give you the opportunity to review all your business leads – from any form source.

It also comes with a powerful campaign function that allows you to send bulk emails for your leads, and afterwards give you a real time report with just how your campaign is doing. This serves as a built-in marketing tool that is stitched within your website’s functionality.


It’s made especially for your business

Uniqueness is essential if you want to achieve brand recognition. Having a custom-designed page does not only help in gaining a customer’s trust, but also builds the confidence of your existing and future clients. It ranks better in different Search Engines If it’s more than web presence that you want for your business, custom-designed sites are really the best way to go! Custom websites are highly SEO friendly; which makes them well-suited for online marketing campaigns. They can also perform far ahead on the search rankings, compared to free generic websites.

Continuous assistance from our skilled web team

When you avail for our custom-designed sites, we see to it that you get the ongoing support, expertise and dedicated assistance from our professional web developers. Through our services, you can expect a well thought of website that can appeal to your business’ target market and showcase all your products and services both excellently and professionally.

While custom-designed sites may initially cost more, you can still save a lot on your finances by investing in custom websites – since they have a strong capability to promote your business for a long period of time. More importantly, you can have a custom fit solution that can benefit your business’ online campaigns.

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