Functional and Well-designed System Websites

Also referred to as Web Application Websites, a System website focuses more on the programming and functionality of a page that is designed to satisfy your customers’ needs.

Unlike a standard content-centric website that is commonly used as a digital brochure – typically showing only the essential information that web users would want to know about a company – web application websites offer a more up-scale functionality; which in turn results to a higher interaction between the web user and the page.

System websites allow users to access sections of a page where they can search, edit, upload, download, save and sort data directly with the use of a single log-in account. To put it simply, having this type of website means that there is more to be done.

User engagement is not limited to commenting on blogs, giving a satisfactory rating or sharing it on social networking sites alone. With System websites, tasks may be accomplished, goals can be attained and certain expectations can be well-met.

What Redkite Can Do For You

Let’s say that you have a travel agency or you want to launch a start-up business that helps people find employment opportunities (similar to LinkedIn), the best type of website for you to avail is a System website.

Web applications can also be found in:

  • E-commerce websites
  • Real Estate websites
  • Project Management websites
  • Data Storage websites (i.e. photos, videos, digital documents)
  • Social Media websites
  • Content Publication websites

Aside from just giving regular information, Redkite can turn your website into an application for use. As a business owner, you should maximize your website’s potential to be more customer-centric. When you allow your website to be used as a tool or an application for doing a certain kind of work, it will be a lot easier to gain your customers’ trust, loyalty and referral to other potential clients – which is already a great marketing strategy for you!

Web application websites focus more on functionality than design.

Here at Redkite, we make it a point not to overcomplicate the services that we do for our clients. We focus on achieving measurable results that matter to you and your business by keeping our work simple but incredibly useful to your customers.

If you do decide on getting a System website for your business with our team, you can be sure that we can provide an effective web application website that will help your business grow. A website that will not only allow people to get something done efficiently, but also one that saves time and is precisely easy to work with!


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