What are web application websites?

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Web Application websites are websites that have more programming and functionality for the end user. General websites are often used plainly as informative websites i.e. a digital brochure.

Wed application websites on the other hand are up-scaled where users can access sections of the website where they do more functions such as search, edit, upload, download, save, sort data directly by having a single log-in account.

Why own a web application website?

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Aside from just giving regular information, turn your website into an application for use. When site-owners allow their website to be used as a tool or an application for doing certain work for their viewers, they gain their loyalty, trust and referral to others which is always great for marketing.

Web application websites need not necessarily be complex, they may be simple, but incredibly useful to the end user. We use web applications daily when we log in to Skype, Facebook, Google or E-Bay. These are not just websites, they are systems built on applications that allow people to get something done accurately and efficiently.

Web applications need to be of some specific use. They need to be easy to work with and they need to be time-efficient. Web applications can also be found in these kinds of websites:

  • Ecommerce websites
  • Real Estate websites
  • Project Management websites
  • Data storage websites i.e. photos, videos, digital documents
  • Social Media websites
  • Content publication websites

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