What customers look for in Real Estate Websites

What customers look for in Real Estate Websites Philippines

Real estate is possibly the single most important long-term investment of any family unit could have. People want homes to call their own — for themselves and for their families whether it be a town-home, an SFR or Single Family Residential home, a penthouse, an acreage home or a luxury homes with a property value over $500,000.

So what would customers look for in a real estate website?

In general, the real estate website design need to look good for both buyers and sellers of properties. Although buyers and sellers alike all look for some information that is useful to both parties (i.e. the buyer’s party and the seller’s party) there is some information that has a larger impact on each of them uniquely.

What Sellers are looking for in a Real Estate Website?

Real estate websites are not just meant for buyers, they are made with the house sellers in mind as well. Here are some information areas that are important to point out in your real estate website design.

  • Internet Exposure

    In today’s search world where real estate is searched through Google and other websites, if a real estate website does not have the exposure it should have, then, sellers are well aware that the real estate agent may not be able to sell their home fast. This makes them want to work with real estate companies and agents who have aggressive internet marketing in place from Google Ranks, Facebook activity and other ways to syndicate their homes to other websites and systems like the MLS.

  • Marketing Reach

    Some agents may not have huge online presence but they may instead have a wide network of contacts and alternate channels to market their home. These could be done through direct mail, magazines and events.

  • Past Records

    Sellers will always look for sales records of the agent they want to work with. This is an indicator of how aggressive they are and how they can make things work. Other past record information that can be part of the real estate website design are the customer reviews, testimonials and case studies.

  • Commitment

    In real estate, timing is essential. They need to know how much commitment and resource will be placed on their homes by their agents. They want to know how committed they will be if you allow them to list their home for sale.

  • Knowledge

    Sellers also want to get enough knowledge and get insights on information that is important while selling their home. This information may be market trends, tips on what to do when selling homes in a particular area, and etc.

What buyers are looking for in Real estate websites?

Buyers on the other hand look for some of the information stated above but they are especially interested in

  • Home Inventory, Navigation and Search Filters

    The most important item in the real estate website design aimed for buyers are the homes themselves. They should be awed when they see the homes for sale list. They need to have ways to filter how they want to see the homes and how they can get to where they want quickly.

    While you want the home images to be as large and crisp as possible, they need to load fast whilst still displaying other information like the location of the home, amenities, bed, bath etc..

  • Save and Compare Tools

    It can be mind-boggling to remember the home addresses and the URLs of the homes for future reference. Having Save and Compare Home Tools, a buyer can access that information at any point in time within the real estate website via a gateway, portal or cached memory.

  • Asset Information

    Some buyers are investing in temporary homes that they can sell at a higher price in the future. Pulling market information from websites like Zillow can give such forecasts within the real estate website , mostly with the help of real estate website add-ons or plugins.

  • Mortgage Information

    Mortgage calculators can also be displayed in each and every home. This information displays the initial payment and monthly mortgage on the selling price of the home. This way, buyers can estimate of the home is within their affordability or not.

  • Open House Information

    Buyers would like to know open home schedules, not only will this give them a way to visit the home in-person, but they will also feel competitive when they see other interested buyers. This can by itself be a marketing catalyst.

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Common Real Estate Website Functions you need

Common Real Estate Website Functions you need

This is 2018 and real estate websites have revolutionized and evolved. Here is a list of website functionalities that you need in the modern day real estate websites.

  • Responsive design

    If your real estate website design is not legible in mobile devices, then you are missing out on the 70% increase of mobile users worldwide. Your website should be as legible as the desktop version in smaller screens without any need to pinch to zoom to read the website.

  • Custom Layouts

    You have a unique voice and brand, why settle for a template-design when you can get a custom layout that is custom tailored to suit your customers.

  • Custom IDX

    Your IDX need not be boring pulls from the MLS anymore. Using RETS or even MLS, you can get custom and full IDX resources that can display MLS/RETS information as per your brand.

  • Portals

    Give your viewers and potential clients tools in their portal to save and compare homes so they can decide faster on what to purchase.

  • Intuitive Navigation

    Be proactive and allow for navigation in your real estate website by anticipating how viewers would want to sort and filter the information you wish to supply to them.

  • Minimalist design

    Minimalist web design focuses on providing only the bare essentials of a website’s service in the design and layout, allowing for bigger and better product images, concise product information and more recognizable branding without any overload from non-relevant information. Works for any kind of website, and is not just limited to luxury real estate companies or real estate brokers.

  • Lead Contact Manager

    Stay on top of all your leads in your customized CRM or Client Relation Manager.

  • Newsletter and Drip Campaigns

    Send email newsletters and drips to those who opt-in to your website for maximum engagement.

  • Auto-responders and Alerts

    Get responder and alerts every time you get a new lead or someone shares your home

  • Session Trackers

    Using session trackers, you can get in-depth information about who frequents your website, that properties they look at what information trail they leave behind.

  • Android and iOS Apps

    Lastly, never underestimate the power of a custom real estate app in android and iPhones. Get a custom app that customers can always look up anywhere, even while on the road.

Redkite Custom Real Estate Website Design Process

Custom Real Estate Website Design Process

RedKite Real estate websites for agents and companies are built

  • To Always be Crisp and Fresh

    Every real estate website design always need to look crisp. We pay extra attention not only to the homepage, we build all pages like they were the homepage. They are always fresh, with un-cluttered text and images for a maximum experience of the visitors.

  • Updated with the latest web technology

    We always update to the most recent codes and internet trends, adhere to latest Google standards and more.

  • To be Intuitive

    Above all, we know how to captivate and engage your viewers for a longer website visit and we proactively anticipate what they would want within a short amount of time using proven navigation and filter settings.

  • To provide information to both Sellers and Buyers of Properties

    We target content and information that is necessary for your real estate business to grow i.e. sell homes and list new ones.

Our Real Estate Outsource Web Design and Development Process is fairly simple as we know what you and what your customers want. The process we use for building or revamping a real estate website begins with:

A Conversation
We like to talk over the phone and get your insights on what you feel lacks or what needs improvement in your real estate website. Remember, we are open 24/7 weekdays for your easy access.

We then proceed to research and analysis
If you have analytical information about your previous website user behavior and other internet marketing stats, we look at them for you and consult what seems to be areas for improvement. We employ heavy competition research and your current website statistics for any recommendation.

We then pitch our recommendation and strategies
After we have sufficient data, we pitch to our real estate clients, what, how, and who will do the necessary amends to make the real estate website a success

Then, we execute
After our clients` approval, we start with the layouts, graphics, and prototype of the website. This prototype is then coded to HTML/PHP, proofed and tested. After the codes are ready, we ask our clients for a final review and only after satisfaction, do we launch the website.


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