Why Social Media Pages are not enough for Professionals

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There are two reasons why to go for a Personal Professional Website. These reasons are, that

  • You are a freelancer or you drive your business sales the most
  • You want to achieve a personal brand

Sometimes, a single person can be responsible for the entire sales of a company. This personal branding is not un-common if you think about this. For example: Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Warren Buffet have their personal branding over the entire company and people associate themselves closely with the person behind the organization.

So chief decision makers and freelances alike, need personal professional websites that talk about themselves and their profession. We know that this form of personal communication works remarkably on levels that even a company website could never achieve.

While largely, Social Media websites are preferred for such communication, here are a few reasons why an additional personal website can make a big difference.

  • Customization and Branding

    Your website will not be restricted to how it should look. You can customize the entire website according to your personal culture, art and taste. This makes you consistent with your brand.

  • Content Display

    You can choose what, where and how you want content to be displayed in any order. In social media, the way posts can be sorted is limited.

  • Domain – Email Newsletters

    You can have a domain that works for you like your name such as domain@myname.com.

    Using the domain, you can make official emails and send newsletters to your subscribers, this way you can market to them even in their inbox.

  • Payment Gateways

    Finally, websites can handle complexity like accepting credit card payments.


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