Characteristics of a Good Lawyer Website

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Good Lawyer websites are built using two important aspects in mind. They need to be built so that instantly the website can

  • Impress the viewer
  • Be a hub of legal information

Lawyers spend years of their lives fighting cases and making a reputation for themselves to be the best in their respective fields. A lawyers experience and past performance needs to be highlighted promptly. To make sure that a lawyers ability comes shining through in a website, a web design should contain this content right on the homepage.

  • Testimonials

    Testimonials in websites demand attention. This kind of content is not just impressive to see, but a feeling of security is often realized. Testimonials generally leads to conversions.

  • Case Results

    Case results show the calibre of the lawyer. How active they are and what kind of results they get. This information is entirely essential on the home page as well.

  • Motto or Slogan

    A good lawyer website usually has a quote, slogan or motto of the lawyer. Having words in quotes such as “I don’t just win cases but I save lives!” can be very helpful in aligning all of the content meant for conversion i.e testimonials and case results above.

  • Professional Photography

    Good lawyer websites have 2-3 professionally shot photos of themselves in their business attire. Lawyers need to look good as people feel more secure handing their cases over to someone who looks tough and yet

  • Introductory Video

    Professional videos say a lot about lawyers. People get to see how you talk, how you present yourself in the video. Once again, this is the kind of content that is essential for the decision making process of the viewer.

    While the homepage deals a lot about the lawyer, the other landing pages of a lawyer website can be a hub of information. The information within the lawyers website can work miracles for SEO. People like to search and dig deep into how the law works in a particular state or country i.e.

    • What are the implications of certain crimes?
    • What are the usual sentences, fines and penalties?
    • What are the rights of the defendant?
    • How to file cases?
    • What to avoid when charged?

People come to lawyer websites to read such material.

Another important detail is to make sure that your lawyer website is 100% compatible with mobile devices and all major browsers. We continue to apply this methodology to our top lawyer client to help him stay in pace with the competition, as can be seen in our portfolio.


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