Are you here reading this blog because you’re trying to figure out how you can improve your website’s search ranking? Or are you planning to create a page but you don’t know where to begin?

If this is not the first blog you’ve read then I’ll assume that you already encountered a handful of advice that contains statements like “You should provide quality content” Or “Make sure your page offers good content,” and other related tips.

In this blog, I’ll basically give you the same advice (No, don’t leave just yet! Read through this. I promise it will be worth your time) but I won’t encourage you to start writing content this very second especially if you don’t even have a website to begin with.

Obviously, your first step is to create a website. If you already have one, make sure the basic navigation works well enough for web visitors to easily browse through the page. It doesn’t need to be breathtakingly beautiful (but we will definitely get there), you just have to guarantee that it’s accessible. Then comes the next step which I know you’ve been reading about all over the internet – Providing quality content.

In the SEO industry, one of the most (if it isn’t already ‘THE’ most) oft-repeated advice people get from SEO professionals is that a website should have quality content. Despite this sounding cliché to some of you, it’s actually a great advice that can bring your website more traffic as compared to having a good layout or smooth navigation alone. But of course, these three works hand-in-hand for the overall effectiveness of a website.

Content is your website’s distinction

Redkite Blog - Content is your website’s distinction

Let me put it this way: let’s relate a website to a freshly baked cake.

Imagine that you baked a cake (I’m pertaining to your website) and it was laid down on a counter together with other cakes made by different people. Each one may have its own distinction (e.g. icing, decoration, etc.) but still, they’re all classified as cake.

What will truly set one apart from the other is its flavor. Some may look great but taste horrible, while those that appear plain and unappealing may be the most delicious ones.

The same goes for websites – page appearance is not what will make your site visitors stay, content will.

As important as it is to have an outstanding page design, it’s not really something you should invest time and money on during the initial stages of establishing a website. Settle on a simple-looking page with an easily manageable layout and navigation first, then focus more on creating a stable foundation by providing the highest quality of content you can possibly offer.


Why is content important?

When I say quality content, I’m referring to all the textual information present inside every single landing page of a website. This includes the content that explains about the company, complete information regarding the products and/or services being offered, and other relevant content that people will want to know.

Blogging about relevant ideas and insights that falls within the scope of your business is also a great way to build up a website’s foundation. This may also be an opportunity for you to show potential clients the level of expertise you have about the industry which your business belongs.

When Google’s Panda update rolled out, it became a crucial factor for a webpage to have relevant content. Gone were the days wherein a website will still be able to secure a spot on the SERPs even with just one excellently written page. Now, you have to make sure all your content are of its highest possible quality in order for your website to be spared by the algorithm that filters out sites with poor content.

Well written content must be provided on a landing page level of a website as well as the entire domain because of three important reasons:


1.      It catches the interest of your site visitors.

Redkite Blog - It catches the interest of your site visitors

When a search engine delivers a result from a certain query, it pays close attention as to how the user engages with the content. If the user clicks on the first link on the results page but immediately pushes the back button, it will contribute to the website’s high bounce rate. If this constantly happens, the search engine will assume that the content present on the page does not satisfy the search intent of some users.

High impressions but low click-through rates is also not a good sign. Surely you wouldn’t want people just passing through your link, right? Even the simplest and shortest form of content like Meta descriptions play a big role in the success of your site. Reel people in with an awesome Meta description and finish it off with an amazing content. This will make web users engage in your website even more.


2.      It increases search ranking and web traffic.

Creating content for your website is tedious work, but it will be very rewarding especially if you craft well written information while tossing in some great keywords at the same time.

Aside from textual content, providing images, videos and other graphics on your page and blogs can also contribute a lot in pulling your rankings up. Search engines don’t have the ability to understand multimedia content like us humans do, this is why SEO professionals highly recommend the use of appropriate HTML tags and alt tags. In this way, web crawlers will be able to understand the purpose and meaning of your content, particularly the graphics. Search engines will also have an easier time redirecting traffic on your page whenever a relevant search query applies to your content.

If you want to learn more about optimizing your images, I highly recommend that you read through this blog.


3.      It’s a great way to create quality links to your website.

When you provide the kind of content that people love and appreciate, there are more chances that you push your readers into making an action that will benefit your page a lot.

They may opt to share your content on different social media sites or they may link back to your content in their own blogs. These inbound links, especially if it comes from highly authoritative pages, can help your website greatly in climbing up the search page. Aside from this, your content can gain more exposure to millions of readers.

Redkite Blog - Content is and will always be king

No matter what kind or how many changes the SEO landscape goes through, one thing will remain consistent – content is and will always be king. Understanding how site content influences your search ranking is not enough to bring your page to the top, you must also analyze your content thoroughly. Make sure it’s what your readers want and need. Keep this in mind when doing digital marketing in the Philippines and success will surely be yours.