Emotions are removed in a business landscape. They are thought to be a hindrance to productivity. Well, sure—many personal emotions between workers can be highly destructive but an emotion we all need at work is Passion!

History tells us the difference between amazing work vs mediocre work. And it is the passion of its creator that makes the difference.

Take a look at Blendtec and Oster’s website. Notice the way they each brand market their own blenders. Whose tagline appeals to you more? Which website excites you in having your own blender—or make you want the blender being offered even though you already have one at home? Which website design appeals to you more?

Testing products in front of an audience or camera is common in television shops promoting kitchenware and appliances. But Blendtec made a difference that made them stand out—they started blending all sorts of things from wood blocks to iPhones.

Another brand that dared to go against the current trend was Panda Cheese and its Never Say No To Panda advertisement produced by Advanced Marketing for manufacturer Arab Dairy. The ad showed a completely different take on the panda image—while media has been depicting pandas as cute and cuddly animals, Panda Cheese did the exact opposite.

Unlike most manufacturers which have their mascots describe and offer products to audiences, Panda Cheese’s mascot showed the (funny, slightly violent) consequences of turning down Panda.

Blendtec started its Will it blend? series in YouTube in October 2006,  and now it has almost a million subscribers. The Never Say No To Panda campaign was considered bold and refreshing, and even won an award from Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

It’s because Blendtec and Panda Cheese did more than just present a product. They presented something that lasts longer than mere material objects with a different nuance.

These acts of not following the bandwagon of long-time advertising traditions could and might encourage more people to be braver to take the road less travelled. As Robert Frost wrote in his poem The Road Not Taken, “Two roads diverged in a wood and I—I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.”

Marketing is not just about numbers and trends—for evergreen results, we need imagination and new ideas. If you’re someone who still thinks that marketing is all about crunching up numbers and hyperactively posting on all kinds of social media to promote your product (or service), then maybe it’s time to think things over.

It’s not how often you post ads using how many platforms, but how extraordinary and inspiring your communications are. Because that’s how you’re going to be remembered. This is something you would really want to apply if working on digital marketing in the Philippines as the country’s people are very attuned to their emotions.

No one underestimates the passion that Steve Jobs brought to Apple. Jobs did not just revolutionize the Personal Computer, he in fact, changed the music distribution industry and the mobile industry as well.

George Lois (The Ad-man who influenced the TV series Madmen) is famous for doing brilliant ad campaigns including the famous “I want my MTV” movement with Mick Jagger when MTV was almost grounded.

What’s common between these guys and the people at Blendtec and at Panda Cheese?

Big Ideas! That sold itself to the world.