Easily developed and reasonably-priced websites

Now that companies from all around the world are flocking the internet in the hopes of acquiring new business prospects, it is a must to have online presence if you don’t want your business to fall behind.

Here at Redkite, we want to provide our clients the best kind of service possible regardless of the budget and timeframe you set for us to work with. If you’re just starting a new business and want to begin establishing an online presence, one of the best website options you can choose is a template website.

Some of the biggest advantages in using template design websites are the following:

  • Saves you the hassle from thinking of what the finish website will look like
  • Hundreds of beautiful designs for you to choose from
  • Developing a template website is more time efficient
  • You can get a professionally designed template website for a minimum cost
  • Good functionality because majority of website templates are equipped with standard pages such as homepage, about page, products and services section and contact page.
  • Since it is pre-made, you’ll be able to get a feel of how the navigation for your site works

Another great thing about template websites is the wide variety of options you can choose from when looking for a template that suits your business best. You can either settle on free templates or spend a few bucks on paid ones. – Some of the best websites you should consider when deciding on a website template design is themeforest,colorlib and squarespace.

What RedKite can do for you

Template websites also comes with certain limitations such as restrictions when it comes to customization and their lack of uniqueness because it is ready-made which makes it available for other businesses to use. They are also not search engine optimized.

When you do decide to avail for a template website, our company will be able to help your business maximize the use of this type of design.

Here are the services we provide for our clients:

  • Customizing your website
  • While some website templates can only be customized to a certain point, our web developing team can provide software that can help in modifying your template website so that it may highlight your business branding.

  • Content generation
  • If you don’t have site content ready for publication on your website, RedKite also has a team of experienced writers and artists that can generate all types of content for your website including landing pages, blogs, site descriptions as well as graphics.

  • Image Optimization
  • If what you require is a page that has a lot of graphical content, it may cause your template website to have a slower page load speed. With the help of our graphics team, we can optimize all the images you want to showcase without causing your website to slowdown.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website templates only provide the outer layer of your site which means they are not readily optimized for search engines. Here at RedKite, we provide an SEO plugin so that your page will not only be professional looking, but also has the functionality that can be recognized by search engines.

A template website is your best option if you have limited resources. With the right choice of design and a team that can maximize the potential of an ordinary web template, your business may be able to achieve the web presence it needs to acquire new customers.