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You’re probably wondering what we meant with debunking SEO skeptics.

First, you need to realize that there is no businessman who doesn’t want more sales. The primary point of business is to sell. You might be having steady returns now and think you are all set but the future of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) holds so much uncertainty that you need to stop being too complacent.

SEO is basically the most important thing a business can do, but there are skeptics who are trying to take down its brilliance in hopes of elevating newer strategies such as social media marketing.

In this infographic, we are looking into why SEO is obviously the better choice and how it will always be relevant to your business endeavors.

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SEO is a trend

SEO is a fad that is going on for a long time. A fad that will never go out of style, always substantial, and will always reinvent itself. Its main agency (which is Google) shows how SEO continues to thrive today. From lists, Google had transformed its SEO factors to:

  • Ads
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Carousels
  • Reviews
  • Even voice search through the fresh innovation called the Google Assistant.

Here is the much needed truth:

SEO is something that will never die.

It will always be a welcome bugger that will continue to be a trend and while social media might take the mantle for being cool especially in the future, SEO is still the root of all these advances—and something people will always come back to.

SEO is for reputation management

It is true, like what skeptics say, not every business is going to need a full-scale SEO integration. Local grocery stores, small coffee shops, and the likes are some industries that won’t have something to do with a superlatively complex website because their niche are close and their products and services are going to be constantly in need.

Still, we didn’t say that they’re completely inadmissible for SEO because no matter how small your business, you are still going to need a dash of some SEO goodness to keep your reputation management needs in check!

How and why?

For example, even a small bakery needs to have a Google My Business listing and they will have to engage on improving local SEO through:

  • Updating their NAPS
  • Optimizing their location for Google maps
  • Relaxed content creation
  • Booking features
  • Customer service

Aside from really establishing your business, doing SEO can avoid the hijacking of your business. SEO provides the peace of mind to call your business your own and create your own brand with it.

How cool is that?

It gets better below.

SEO is for convenience

Our metros are congested. People of epic proportions roam the cities every day and more and more vehicles are hitting the roads.

Due to this, instead of joining the bustle, people uses the World Wide Web to do their transactions.

And this is something you should maximize.


First, you need to make sure that your website has very accessible interface, as well as fast loading speed. Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense. People come for something easy to use and is also quick to cater to what they came for.

This is where the challenge comes. When doing SEO, you also want to be organized so your keywords and other SEO means fit to the user experience. As you do it more, you also learn to adjust according to the convenience requirements of your audience.

Social media, while also offering convenient solutions like browser built-in shops, instant messaging features, and more, they are not the main focus and will only leave much more to be desired if you use it.

However, if you use Google SEO, you’ll be equipped with components needed to rope in visitors!

SEO is for professionalism

Brand uniformity reeks professionalism and this can be possible with the use of SEO. With SEO, your site can be well-groomed as there no better spotter of error on your website and marketing strategies than it!

SEO organizes everything within your brand and it challenges you to be more professional as you are actually a professional yourself. Compare these points to social media marketing which is more directed on the cute and the hip and you’ll realize why SEO is the better choice for the dedicated marketers.

With SEO, you’ll learn professional means that you’ll only get on a surface level on social media marketing such as:

  • Finding ways to connect with your audience through an expert but engaging level
  • Analytical skills
  • Research and planning skills
  • Web design skills
  • A clear and driven purpose

SEO needs big content

Some skeptics say that people do not read anymore and packed content seen on websites are a thing of the past. While there are some mild truth about it, this can only happen to you if your content is not engaging at all.

See this:

In a recent finding from Chartbeat, 55% of users only read 15 seconds of your content if they’re not interested at all.

SEO is words, words, and words.

They are the prime driving force that makes everything work and you have to choose them carefully. When you glance at it, you might think that you will only need a few written content because more people are using a minimalist approach but it is actually quite the other way around.

Even if you’re going for less is more, you still need more.

Don’t be scared to add content but make sure they are in acceptable volume and genuinely refreshing.

Drizzle it with the ideal keywords and make sure they are integrated seamlessly.

Content in SEO might feel heavy than the ones you see in social media but they are more comprehensive and actually goal-oriented and very much in their zone as opposed to social media who wants to be many things at once.

Why you need to stop relying on social media marketing alone

You know, we are not here to discredit the remarkable offerings of social media marketing and completely waterlog skeptics by debunking SEO misconceptions because they are honestly great and it benefits social media too, big time.

Some of the great advantages you can get from social media marketing are:

  • Easier chance of establishing your brand
  • You can directly interact with audience
  • Marketing is mostly free
  • You can try a lot of mediums for marketing

However, many SEO skeptics are quick to rule out SEO from one of the most essential things you need to accomplish for your digital marketing, citing its antiquity, work demand, and incessant noise as demeaning factors. But if you look at it, social media and other means of marketing seems like an easy and quick fix to your marketing needs and things can quickly crumble down if you don’t support it with SEO.

Social media makes drastic changes that can be quite difficult for your business marketing to catch up on as opposed to browser SEO who are designed from the ground up for search marketing.

In retrospect, SEO is still a mighty tool that you need for your business.

Whether you are a small shop or a mega corporation, you should only treat social media as agent to strengthen your SEO and not the major element as search engine optimization will always remain as the first choice for people looking for what they need.