If you need virtual assistant (VA) services to handle your phone, fax, email, and other online media, we offer our VA services for single basis or à la carte which also includes a variety of other services. This makes it an attractive option for small to large businesses, as well as executives. If you require more than à la carte, our full dedicated assistance VA package may be more fitting for you.

Here are the benefits of availing our a la carte VA services:

  • Available anywhere in the world

    Our virtual assistant services are available to you no matter where you are in the world. Redkite is composed of professionals who can easily adapt to a wide range of cultures and because Philippines is one of the countries with the largest population of English speakers in the world, communication is definitely easy. Our virtual assistants are also open to learning new languages in order to accommodate other foreign clients.
    It does not matter if you are from the remotest location in the world—Redkite will find ways to provide VA services that you deserve.

  • No need to worry about logistics

    When you outsource your VA to us, costs of everything from equipment, staffing, electricity and supplies are shouldered by us. We strive hard to use state-of-the-art solutions and employ trained individuals in order to provide quality VA services.

  • Better business and customer engagement

    Businesses and their customers benefit a lot from virtual assistant services. By letting a VA run some portion of your day-to-day operations, your business can allocate more resources into more important affairs. Meanwhile, your customers can have a more pleasant experience thanks to our professional virtual office assistants.

Please contact Redkite to experience remarkable virtual office services today.


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