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Searching for the right digital marketing agency or SEO Company in the Philippines to work with?

There are quite a few to choose from as you consider factors like price, quality and results.

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We have come up with solutions that worked for both local and international, as well as multiple small and large businesses.

When you really want to stand out, if you want your digital marketing goals to really take off, we at Redkite can help you.



Using simple and effective strategies, we find ways to make your prospects find you in the Internet. Our sites are effective in presenting an irrefutable value proposition as soon as the sites load. We turn site visitors into leads and leads into opportunities for our clients.


Our digital marketing agency here in the Philippines focuses on our client’s prospects. Our strategies are 100% custom tailored to suit each business uniquely. We go to where your customers are. We increase our visibility on each traffic referring website and direct them to our clients.


We know how important your business is to you, as we know how important ours is to us. We want to succeed together with our clients. We want to go above and beyond our duties to be able to realize success for you.


We simply couldn’t have been in this business for 10 years if we hadn’t gotten results. Results are what drives the hearts of us all at RedKite, we don’t stop till we are satisfied with what we do. Our standards are set high so that our clients see immediate results and that they are well-adapted to emerging technologies and revolutions that affects marketing in the internet.


Shapiro & Sher Group
Ross C. Goodman
The Brooks Team Las Vegas
Trail Adventours Philippines
Matt Metcalf - Mile High Home Pro
Bannister Academy
Global IMI
Masungi Georeserve

Digital Marketing Options

Digital Marketing Options Philippines

Redkite is a full-scale, premier digital marketing agency in the Philippines that specializes in anything that relates to web design and development, applications, SEO services, digital marketing, social media marketing, referral traffic building, and website conversion.

Redkite does also cater to a-la-carte style, wherein the client can avail of just a sub-service and not the entirety of our digital marketing program. However, we see based on past client experiences, that most business prefer to have a one-stop-shop to get most of their internet and website needs from a single vendor. This does make more sense as digital marketing gets extremely complex as more new faces are introduced into the marketing plan.

Web Design


Social Media

  • Social Media Management
  • Content for Social Media

Virtual Assistance

  • Referral Traffic building
  • Website Maintenance
  • Dedicated Virtual SEO and Graphic Person
  • Email Management including Email Newsletter publication

Web Master Services

  • Website maintenance
  • Server Side administration
  • Domain Side Administration
  • Google Analytic and Web Master Tools maintenance

The goal of our internet marketing program is to bring more dedicated visits from Search engines and other referral websites which include social media websites and classified websites. Furthermore we apply a re-targeting approach to lead generation using email newsletters and social media communication.

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