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How do Search Engines Rank Your Webpage?

March 1, 2017

To the average business owner, it can be mind-boggling to imagine how search engines rank their websites. After all, not a lot of people are fully aware of how search engine optimization and SEO management work. Before signing up for…

Challenges in Attracting and Retaining Website Visitors

December 16, 2016

How many years has your website been online? Two years, maybe three; Maybe your website has been up and running for a decade now; Perhaps it’s your personal blog page where you post your portfolio in the hopes of being…

Improving Your Local SEO

October 11, 2016

There’s a certain charm in owning or working for a business with an actual address. A place that people can go to; a place that’s uniquely for the business. Sure, online shops offer convenience but a physical store is more…

Image Optimization: Does it really matter?

October 7, 2016

Before we delve into the details of this, allow me to answer the question stated above – yes, image optimization definitely matters. Some people think that images are only for satisfying web visitors visually and ensuring that the content provided isn't dull.…

How to know if your site has duplicate content

October 6, 2016

Duplicate content is one of the most common glitches your page might be experiencing. Google once stated that duplicate content is unavoidable on the internet. They don’t really penalize websites for having such content, just as long as it’s not…

Create a Compelling Landing Page to Maximize Your Conversions

August 23, 2016

To some entrepreneurs, online marketing may come across as something that is easy to do – just hire a web developer that can come up with an awesome website, then produce a bunch of content that will explain the nature…

How User Experience Can Enhance Search Engine Rankings

August 3, 2016

Entrepreneurs are people-pleasers and before we even consider venturing into a new business, the first question we should ask ourselves is how a certain idea can help and be of benefit to a target audience on our websites. It isn’t…

How Links Influence Search Engine Rankings

July 29, 2016

SEO has evolved over time. Today it has become more difficult for a website to gain a spot on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Page). Especially if a page does not abide by Google’s quality guidelines. Because of their constantly changing…

How Site Content Influences Search Engine Rankings

July 15, 2016

[Tweet "Great content is the key player that will help you achieve SEO success."] Are you here reading this blog because you’re trying to figure out how you can improve your website’s search ranking? Or are you planning to create…

Does your customer have an online search pattern?

May 31, 2016

If you’ve been wondering about this, then let me clear things up for you. Yes, your customers definitely have their own search patterns. This is the reason why your SEO guy – that is if he knows what he’s doing…

Am I targeting the right keywords?

May 26, 2016

Having web traffic is great but getting quality traffic is better! - This is where keywords come in: [Tweet "Keywords are the backbone of your online business."] It plays such a big role that it can either make or break…

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